Friday, June 22, 2007


Luke had his check-up today. He's almost 3 months and it has flown by! He's a healthy, wonderful little guy. He's 12lbs13oz and 24.5 inches long! He's GROWN a lot. He got some shots today and did really well with them (so far). He's able to lift his head up pretty well when he's on his tummy and hasn't rolled over yet, but he's grabbing everything he can get his hands on, and sucking his hands like crazy (he prefers the left).

Abby and Savannah are doing great. We're on day 4 of "official" homeschool. This week we've been studying the Sun and the letter "S". Abby still doesn't have the greatest attention span for "school", so she does some of the projects, and when she's napping, Savannah and I work on reading and writing. Savannah is progressing very well with both. We're doing a lot of character development learning alongside the actual school work. We're doing Bible (of course) and also God's Wisdom for Little Girls by Elizabeth George. I also have a book of character building that we'll probably start next week. Savannah is working on learning how to sit still and pay attention, she think that because it's mommy teaching her that she doesn't have to act her best at all times, but I am happy to report that the learning she's doing is definitely paying off. She's been making a conscious effort to be Helpful, Kind, Obedient, etc. Of course she still falls short (as we all do), but she's trying.
Abby is starting to respond a bit better to discipline. We've had some talks, and I've read an excellent book, which I HIGHLY recommend called, "Don't Make Me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman. It's about scripture-based discipline and using the rod AND reproof. Something that just clicked with me is that when Abby is carrying on after her spanking, she's not showing repentance. So we're working on that and I let her know that if she keeps screaming, she's not truly sorry and we'll have to do it again until I know she truly IS sorry...and she's not doing it anymore. Praise God! I hope that she really is repentant, but at least this is a start in the right direction.

Our neighborhood has totally emptied. We have had 6 of our immediate neighbors move in the past month...and there are 2 more on their way out. It's pretty weird. There have been HUGE moving trucks all over the place. Most of the girls friends are gone, but I can't say that's necessarily a bad thing. It'll be interesting to see how things change as we get new neighbors. There are some issues with some new ones we've gotten. I think it must be because we're the closest house to the playground, and everyone must think that we're just an extension of the playground. No matter what it is, if anything is left outside, the kids think it's fair game for them to do whatever they want. I've had to limit what the girls can play with outside because everyone LOVES to play, and no one wants to clean up, and it's not fair to my girls to make them clean up the mess from all of the children in the neighborhood. It's quite frustrating. So if you think about it, please keep us in your prayers for our new neighbors. We stand to get new ones in the house attached to us and also in the house that we share a side yard with. So it could be interesting! Only the Lord knows what is best for our neighborhood, and I pray that He brings us wonderful neighbors that share our values...that would be good.

Speaking of neighbors, only 18 days until the Petie's come for a visit...not that we're counting or anything! Hahaa...we're all very much looking forward it. For those of you who don't know (if anyone is actually reading this), the Peties were our neighbors here up until last year. Our families completely bonded and I definitely consider them our best friends. Our children get along so well, they homeschool, they're Christians and we even have similar senses of humor, which always makes it more fun! They moved to Virginia last summer after Jonathan (the husband/daddy) graduated from O.C.S. (Officer Candidate School) with the Coast Guard. Michelle (wife/mommy) was pregnant at the time with #4 and I found out I was pregnant just before they moved this will be the first time we see each other's little boy's! How fun!! I'm very excited!

We've been invited to dinner at another neighbors house tonight (Jeremy has been out of town since Saturday and comes home tomorrow) so I must be going. Luke is snoozin', I think his trip to the doctor wore him out today...poor little guy!
Anyway, that's the scoop for now...I actually have a couple other posts I've started but haven't I'm debating whether I should post them or not...we'll see. But keep checking back, I do update from time to time! :)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Quite the Monumental Day!

Luke was 10 weeks old yesterday and last night he SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!! WoooHOOO!!
I'm still so amazed that the Lord would bless us so tremendously with the baby I had prayed for. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I started praying that the Lord would give us a baby that would fit right into the family. One that wouldn't be too disruptive to the status quo and that wouldn't kill me with lack of sleep and frustration. God is SO good! Luke is such an angel baby. Not only did he sleep through the night, but today he also gave me his first real laugh! And I was lucky enough to get it on video! I'm trying to post it on youtube, but I have to make the file smaller, and I'm not sure how to do that with a video. Luke is still eating well and is already 13lbs! He's a big, healthy, strong, happy guy!
The girls are doing well. They're still adjusting to the disruption of a new baby which is leading to some disciplinary issues, and it's a struggle...but by God's Grace, we'll get through and be all the better for it. It is difficult at times though. Savannah seems to be doing much better than Abby, even though Abby adores her baby brother (can you say, "Elmira"?..."I want to hug him and squeeze him and love him...") I know that it's hard for both of them not having me as much as they're used to. I'm still having difficulties with her and her hitting/temper. I really don't know what to do with her. She has such a short fuse and she's quite volatile! Today she was taking a toy away from the neighbors child and he was fighting for control of it...she screamed at him and then grabbed his face. Needless to say, she lost outside privileges for the rest of the day. But even with spankings and time-outs, the behaviors don't seem to change. Any suggestions?? Savannah's issues are a bit more subtle. Of course she misses mommy time, but I think she's just at a better age...she's learning to be more independent anyway, so it's not such a huge deal...but her problem is with instigating. There's a very fine line between being helpful and being a snitch. I appreciate her "help", but the tattling gets old. Both of them bicker like mad as well. Other than that (hahaha), life is GRAND!! Actually it's not so horrible, but there are definitely days that I feel like an absolute failure. I guess that's the nature of being a mommy...hopefully I'm not alone in this, but I actually feel like a failure more times than not these days. I know it's due to my lack of time and more demands on me...but it's very difficult.
Speaking of demands on my time and all, we'll be starting homeschooling very soon. I'm aiming for no later than the beginning of next week...I've still got some loose ends to finish up, but yes, we're starting at an odd time...but what the hay? There is no reason NOT to start now. We're going to start out slow, doing the basic stuff--mostly getting into a routine and all--but we will be following a simple curriculum and I'll be using it with both Savannah and Abby. Since Savannah is a bit advanced for Kindergarten, we'll just be doing more advanced stuff with her and a little easier for Abby. We're using a curriculum called My Father's World. And I'm not using the ENTIRE thing, we're doing our own stuff for handwriting and reading. We'll also be implementing calendar stuff, chores, manners and domestic stuff (ie: sewing, crocheting, etc.)...of course some of this stuff is what we'll get to eventually. I have this whole vision of what I'd LOVE to be doing, but often the reality and the fantasy are very different.
Well, enough of beckons and I must be signing off for now. I hope to be here again soon!