Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Can Anything Good Come of Mobility??

Nope, just sheer mischief!! Hahaha....these pictures were taken yesterday and today, respectively. Although so far he wreaks minimal havoc, the fun has just begun! That's my boy!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

My Unintended Sabbatical.

When I set out to start a blog, my initial intention was to have a place where I could make notes of the progress the children were making, post pictures and also just keep track of the general goings-on of our family. I've found this an invaluable resource and it's always fun when I get feedback from others as well. This only works, however, if I actually POST!! Yes, things have been busy as usual--isn't that just the way when you've got little 'uns? I know that's not going to change for a while...actually, it keeps getting crazier!! Luke is now fully mobile. He started really crawling at Christmas. He army-crawls, he still hasn't figured out how the knees come up under him to help, but hey...he's fast enough as it is, thank you! In the past week and a half, he's started pulling himself up on everything. So far he can only get to his knees, but it's enough to allow him to get into plenty of mischief. So far though, he seems contented to just play with buttons on electronics and cars and balls. He does like things that make noise. Thankfully though (knock on wood), he hasn't gotten into any of my "stuff". He hasn't touched books or other things on the shelves. I told myself that this time around I would NOT child-proof. My life is kinda set the way it is...and we don't have the space to put things elsewhere...and he'd just have to learn to stay out of things. We've been able to have fires in the fireplace and he hasn't gone near. He likes to watch the fire, but he's learned that it's hot and not to touch it.
I started this yesterday, so today is now Tuesday January 29th.
Yesterday Luke actually pulled himself up to STANDING!! He's getting so big, so fast! It's pretty impressive how strong he is. I know most babies are doing this stuff at this age--and most do it even earlier, but it's still amazing to me that he's as old as he is. The time has gone by so fast, it's almost scary!

The girls are currently at my parents house. We've been having a lot of rain lately--like nearly EVERY day and LOTS of it...and we've all been going stir crazy, so it was so welcome when my parents offered to take the girls for a couple of days. I'm heading up there today with Luke to spend 2 nights and then to come home on Thursday. They are having a good ol' time up there, playing in the snow, visiting the local pony ranch and just being goofy with Grandma and Papa. Savannah told me yesterday that Papa was going to buy her a pony--oh goodness!! She's horse crazy and I'd love for her to have a pony...but obviously she doesn't realize how much goes into taking care of a pony. Perhaps one day, that'd be cool.

Savannah lost her first tooth on the 5th of January. We had an EXTENDED power outage (a whole other story I won't even go into right now) and the second night, in the dark, she yanked her tooth out!! It's so cute to see her missing a tooth.

Abby is all geared up to learn to read and write...and often pulls out her workbook while Savannah and I sit down to do Savannah's work. She is trying to sound out words, but isn't quite there yet...but I know it'll be soon. I remember Savannah taking a while to get the concept of sounding out too, but once she got it, WATCH OUT!! Abby's writing is getting better.
We did some "formal" writing lessons, but she got a bit bored with it, so I just give her the opportunity as much as possible to write letters, draw pictures and write words on them, etc. She's getting there. Next year she'll be a big kindergartener and she'll be zooming down the fast track too! Abby has been off of her paci for 3 months now and I have to say, her smile is getting more beautiful by the day. I know that the pacifier caused a bit of tooth displacement...but I'm very happy to see that they're going back quickly. She's so beautiful and has grown up SO much in the past couple of months. It's weird to look at your little girl and all of a sudden realize that she's not a baby anymore! She's so sweet...and passionate (sometimes to her detriment!) and one of my favorite things about her personality is how she just bursts out in song whenever she feels like it. It's so precious to hear her little squeaky voice singing scripture!! Ahhhh....it's music to my ears!!
Oh, one more thing I wanted to note before I get started on my day...Savannah knows the books of the New Testament now! Abby is getting close too, I'm impressed that they both know the Lord's Prayer, but I didn't think they'd be able to get the books of the New Testament! It's handy knowledge to have, I tell ya!! Thank God for Christian children's music...it's helped me memorize lots of stuff I never thought I'd know!
And in closing, here's a picture of my little doll boy...and once again, a promise that I'll keep my updates updated more often!!