Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Beautiful Lilah

Lilah is getting SO big. She has just started babbling. It sounds so wonderful. She wakes up and I hear her chattering away. It's so nice to have a baby that wakes up happy. It's very rare for Aaron to wake up and play in his crib, he usually wakes up crying or at least yelling for me. Lilah also crawls through the house moving her mouth like she's talking, but nothing comes out...she very closely resembles a little fishy. She has also started saying, "Mama" !! Yay baby girl!! I'm still not sure if it's purposeful, but it sure sounds cute. None of my children have said "Mama" before they say "Dada", so it's pretty wonderful to hear "Mama" come out of her mouth! Lilah is also pulling up to standing now...she does it a lot more often when she can pull up on something short...like a toy bin or something...but she has done it on the sofa a couple of times. She's been sleeping great. A lot of times she'll go to bed, but will wake up screaming a short time later. She usually has a big burp and then I hold her and she'll fall asleep on my shoulder without much ado...and then she usually sleeps thru the night until 7-ish. Just perfect, if you ask me. Aaron, meanwhile, is still waking at least once a night. I think it's more just a habit for him, but I don't care...I mean, I'd rather he sleep, but I can just give him a bottle and he goes back to sleep, so it's really not so bad. Both babies nap at the same time in the afternoon, so I often have to cut Lilah's morning nap short so she'll take her nap at the same time as Aaron in the afternoon. That is VERY important to my sanity.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Doughnuts and cupcakes and marshmallows and balloons on our chairs!

This was Luke's response when I asked him what he wanted for breakfast on his birthday. He's so excited that his birthday is only 9 days away!!! I'm kinda excited too. I'm actually really excited. I love birthdays, and it's SO fun to be able to be part of the excitement and wonder of a child's birthday. So for dinner he wants Orange Chicken and rice. For lunch he wants Ramen noodles and of course, for breakfast, he wants doughnuts and cupcakes and marshmallows and balloons on our chairs. Oh, and juice. :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

9 & 21 Months Old!!

Today Lilah turned 9 months old and Aaron turned 21 months. They are getting SO big! I'm still swaddling Lilah, although we're working on doing away with that. She's been sleeping for her naps with her arms free, and slept that way last night, but we have had some rough beginnings to the nights, so since I've been alone this week, I decided to go with the full swaddle for tonight in hopes that she'd go to sleep okay. This morning to show me how big of a girl she is now that she's 9 months old, she pulled herself up to standing on the sofa next to me!!! WOW! She has also recently started babbling quite a bit, it's SO cute. Her hair is getting to see what becomes of those...they seem tighter than I remember the other children having, so maybe she'll be our curliest head yet! She's been sitting up in the high chair for meals and although she doesn't eat much still, she's been enjoying snacking on Cheerios while we eat. She's eaten some banana too, which she seems to enjoy, but she's still pretty crazy with the gag reflex...although I have noticed that it's getting much better.

Aaron is running everywhere. He talks pretty well these days. Mostly just 1-2 words at a time, but he sure gets his point across. He also comprehends REALLY well. The other day he came downstairs after his bath, carrying his pajamas and diaper!! Soooo cute! He's gone pee-pee on the potty a couple of times...but definitely not enough to get excited about. He has switched from calling Lilah by her name (which was one of his first words) to calling her "Beanie" most of the time. We all call her "Beanie" or "Bean"--Lilah "Bean", get it?!?! Anyway...he'll go up close to her face and say, "Hello, Beanie!" It's so darling. He is generally very sweet to her, but he can be awfully rough sometimes too, so I have to keep a close eye on him. He's been known to hit or try to squish her--he actually ran her over with his toy lawn mower the other day--poor girl. She never does anything to deserve it, she's such a sweet little princess. He's just a roughian. We keep working on him and being gentle...hopefully he'll be even more gentle with the new baby. Lilah takes it in stride though...and all of the big children take good care of her.

Well that's enough for now...it's getting late and I need my rest!

Aaron the Trickster

Yesterday was rainy. Really, really rainy. Like, it didn't stop raining all day long. Aaron likes to be outside. Aaron really, really likes to be outside. Aaron cannot go outside when it's rainy...he's too silly. So poor Aaron was cooped up all day yesterday. My husband is out of town. He's been gone all week and will finally be home Friday night. I can't wait. Thankfully, my dad came for a one day visit to break up the monotony of the days that my husband has been gone. Yesterday before Aaron's nap, he kept saying, "Outside, outside!!" He wanted to go outside so badly. But as I said, it was yucky...and he just couldn't. He tried everything he could think of to get outside...but of course, it was not going to happen. So he pulled out his master plan. He said, "Mommy, Birdie!!!" (He often tells me about the birdies). I said, "Oh yeah?? Where are the birdies?" and he runs toward the door and says, "OUTSIDE!! Come on!!!" Hahahaha...uh, little one...I wasn't born yesterday. Very clever trick though!! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

This is cute.

I have more photos to add, but since it's late (as always), I'm just adding this one, because I think it's super cute.