Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm 29 today! Where does the time go? As Jeremy loves to remind me (constantly), I'll be the big 3-0 next year! EEK!! Oh well, what I can I say? I'm 29 and I'm blessed beyond belief. I've got a wonderful husband, 3 beautiful, awesome children, a nice, comfortable home...health for my family and extended family. Really, is there anything more important than that? I have so much more than most people my age...and most importantly, nearly everyone in my family loves the Lord and tries to live their lives for Him and THAT makes my life perfect. So nearly 30 or not, I'm truly happy this birthday!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Savannah!

Wow! My big girl is 5 today!! Well, officially at 11:19am she'll be 5, but hey, what's a few hours when you're 5?? Today we are just hanging out, enjoying each other's company. I'm getting Luke on a more decent schedule--I'm finding that if he is well rested, he's a SUPER easy baby...and naps VERY well. He seems to be a VERY predictible baby. He's always up at the same times during the night...and he was awake from his naps and went down at the same time again 2 days in a row. I know all of this is totally subject to change, but it's kinda nice having a baby who is a bit easy going!

Well Savannah woke up and was VERY excited that she's 5! I got her some Dora PJ's and another outfit just so she'd have something to open today. Tomorrow she is having a friend birthday party, as I said before...and there will be plenty of gifts and sugar! It's going to be very fun. I just can't believe that she was a tiny baby 5 years ago...it's so amazing how much changes in 5 short years! It blows me away that she is officially KINDERGARTEN aged!! WOW!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It's not easy...

...to get 3 children to cooperate for a group photo!! See why I haven't shelled out the cash to have a professional photo done yet??

5 years ago today...

My mom and I were at Travis Air Force Base, I was having my LONG OVERDUE appointment to see when baby Savannah was going to make her debut. Around this time I was hooked up to monitors, and they were telling me I was having contractions, even though I couldn't feel them. Since we were so far from the hospital (about 2 hour drive), they decided they'd admit me...I was ESTATIC! I remember before my due date my dad told me that she'd be born on the 10th...I was so upset he'd even imply I'd be that overdue...that's not something you say to a very pregnant woman, but he was right! It was around this time that I called my dad and told him they'd be inducing me. It's amazing to think that that was 5 years ago and so much has changed in those years! What a tremendous gift Savannah has been to our family...she is an incredibly intelligent, funny and beautiful little girl. She never ceases to amaze me what she learns simply by observation. She has such a precious, sensitive nature and is always the first to tell on herself when she does something naughty. I cannot imagine life without Savannah...every day she adds such dimension to my life and keeps me on my toes--AND keeps me accountable! What a blessing to be her mommy! Tomorrow we'll have a simple family celebration with ribs for dinner (her request) and Grandma and Papa will be coming down late in the evening. Friday she and Abby are going with Grandma and Papa to the Oakland Zoo while I get ready for her friend party. We're having cake, hotdogs, a pinata and lots of fun. Most of our neighbors are moving in June, so this will be sort of a going away/birthday party. It's so fun that we get to have this last big hurrah before everyone leaves. Keep us in your prayers as our neighborhood undergoes a HUGE change. We have no idea what our new neighbors will be like, but we're praying for good ones! Preferably some good Christian (perhaps homeschooling??) families with children Savannah and Abby and Lukes ages.

Father and Son...

Luke loves his daddy. It's amazing, but he'll be fussy for me and I just hand him over to Jeremy and he's happy as a clam! It's a very nice thing because when I'm cooking dinner or doing things around the house, he's content to be with his daddy, doing whatever it is daddy is doing. Jeremy is indoctrinating Luke early, he wants to be sure his son loves motorcycles as much as his daddy!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

By the way....

There will be photos coming soon...just as soon as I find the time (I'm trying NOT to say that tongue in cheek!).

I'm missing that "Quantity" time!

I'm at my parents house this weekend. We had a family birthday party with Jeremy's family yesterday and while Jeremy threw a "bachelor party" for Mark, we came up here to enjoy the mountains--and for me to get a much needed break, courtesy of Grandma and Papa! It's always a nice break up here because my parents help me SO much with the children, but unfortunately we're back to square one with the whole "disruption to normal baby life" thing. Just as the girls were gettin SO adaptable, we went and had Luke. *sigh* Of course I adore my baby boy and am SO happy we have him, but babies are so difficult sometimes. He didn't really sleep yesterday at the birthday party...and he did NOT sleep in the car (for some odd reason, NONE of my children slept in the car as babies--what's the deal??). Last night he was so overtired it took FOREVER to get him to sleep. Today he barely napped, and did a TON of crying before he DID sleep. Poor little guy...he's so much like Savannah. Not only does he look a ton like her, he's super snoopy like her as well. The difference is that he's relaxed and easy-going...she was NOT at this age. He just has the hardest time falling asleep though because those little eyeballs just will NOT close! So I think I'll be coming home early..rather than leaving Tuesday, I think I'll go home tomorrow instead, just to get back to normal life again. Oh well, eventually Luke will adapt and will be as easy as the girls are now. Baby hood can be so rough though. I'm feeling more and more convinced every day that 3 children is perfect for us. I'm not sure that Jeremy totally agrees, but as I've said before...HIS workload does not increase with the more children we have like mine does. I adore my babies, but I'm just NOT supermom! I would love to be, but I'm not. The hardest thing this time around has been how little time I seem to have with the girls. It went from 100% of my time being devoted to them to almost NONE! And I'm feeling very guilty about it and like less of a mom than I would like. Add to that that I'm often tired and want to take a nap while Abby and Luke are sleeping, so I don't spend that time with Savannah. She's a rather needy girl too, so in some ways I know that this "neglect" is good for her, to teach her to be more independent...but it breaks my heart to tell them over and over, "I'm busy...", "Luke needs me", etc. Top that all off with the slight anxiety I'm feeling about starting to homeschool and 3 sounds like more than enough for me!!
Speaking of which...it's bedtime for the girls, and I need to go spend some time with them and let them know how much their mommy loves them. What I lack in quantity these days, I need to try to make up for in quality...they always say it's the QUALITY, not the quantity...I say that's a big, fat joke!