Friday, October 26, 2007

So many updates, so little time!

I honestly should be folding the myriad loads of laundry I have to fold, but I just wanted to post a VERY quick update...more to remind myself to come back to finish it soon.
Abby is now 4 years old and finally PACI-FREE!! Yay!! I'm so very proud of her...although I have a funny story to share about that, but it shall have to wait until later.

**Funny Story** Updated November 15, 2007--finally!
Abby went down for her nap on her birthday--first nap with no paci. I have to admit, I was rather nervous. She got up a couple of times and then finally settled down for her nap. It was awfully quiet and after quite a while it was time for me to go wake her up--just as I do for EVERY nap she takes. I thought, "Wow, that was easy...she had NO problem with a paci-free nap!"...I walked into her room and there she was, absolutely zonked out with a PACIFIER in her mouth!! WHAT?!?! She must have stashed one away and then found it and plugged it in and dozed off happy as can be! I knew there was a paci missing, but I had no idea she took it!! It was so funny! Thankfully we've had no hitches without her paci...she's been doing GREAT!!

Jeremy had his birthday and returned safely home from Portland, flew out to San Diego and is back from there now. He arrived on the evening of his birthday, so we didn't get to celebrate too much...but we're having a family birthday party tomorrow, so that will hopefully make up for it!
Luke had his 7 month check up...the boy is a big guy! He's 19lbs6oz and 28inches long. Apparently there are some HUGE babies out there though because he's only 50th percentile for weight! OH WOW!

Okay, I know that's very sad, but that's all I can manage at this moment...I've got lots of work to do for the birthday party tomorrow...and we're having a "Cake Party" this evening for I'm busy, busy, busy!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


As long as I can remember, I've always called children's (and mens, I suppose) nipples "chocolate chips". Savannah said something about her chocolate chips today and looked at me and said, "What do you have? Cupcakes??" Hahahaha...she is so funny...I've never thought about it before, but hey, it's better than the alternatives!!

The Precious Things They Say.

I had a bit of a rough evening. I shouldn't say it was particularly rough, but I did lose my cool. Jeremy is gone for the week and I do NOT like having to care for all three children by myself. Luke hasn't been going to sleep nicely lately and it's been a bit rough. Abby pushes my buttons constantly...she is such a loose cannon! I lost my temper this evening and yelled at her and kind of kicked Savannah's drawer closed--hard--and Savannah, being the soft-hearted sweetie that she is, started crying. Once I got Luke off to bed and had some time to pray, I went into their room (where they were both reading so cutely) and told them both I was very sorry, that I lost my temper and wasn't being a good example of self-control and I asked them to forgive me. Savannah looked into my eyes and said, "Mommy, of course we forgive you, we're your children!" Oh about melting your heart! What a precious thing to say. I tend to think that God gave us the children we have because of what WE have to offer them...but it's times like this that remind me that He's blessed us with these precious gifts because they're the children WE need.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Luke is officially sitting up!!

Here's my big guy...sitting up all on his own! He's 6.5 months old and the girls didn't do this until they were 7.5 months old. It'll be interesting to see if he does other things physically more quickly or not. He didn't roll over until WAY later than the girls, so we shall see. Now if only I could get him to eat his food well!!! Still struggling with that!!

Tea Party!

Today we invited a couple of the neighborhood girls over (Felicity, Josephine and Rowan) and their moms and we had a tea party/craft day. It was rather fun. First I got up and baked a delicious Apple Cake, courtesy of Paula Deen (Grandgirl's Fresh Apple Cake from Georgia and my moms famous Spinach Squares. Boy did the house smell FABULOUS!! I brewed some black tea and some peppermint tea, set the table and we started. The girls weren't the most well-behaved I've ever seen...not mine, the other girls. My girls were good...well, Savannah was great, Abby was distracted! We made a decopauge (sp?) picture frame and put in a photo of all of the girls present. I'll have to take a photo of the frame I helped Savannah make (actually we moms did MOST of the work). All of the girls had their frames say, "Best Friends Forever" except for Savannah...she was adamant that hers say, "Green Martians"!! I had a terrible time finding all of the right letters so she says, "Mommy, would it be easier to do 'Blue Martians'??" Hahahaha...what a goose!! Anyway, we had a very fun's definitely something I'd love to do again soon.

And here is the photo we put in the frame we made:

Friday, October 5, 2007

Luke is sick. :(

Luke woke at 1am this morning and started screaming. He was very hot and ended up having a fever of nearly 104 degrees. Poor baby. He was up for 3 hours and then finally ended up taking a bottle and falling back to sleep until 7:30am. He was obviously uncomfortable and not feeling well...but he was still good natured and sweet. I feel so bad for the guy though, sick babies are so sad and this is the first time he's actually been sick. I'm praying he sleeps well tonight and is well by morning.

Quick Notes:
Savannah got up the other night (Did I ever mention she sleep walks?), walked all the way to the downstairs bathroom (that's 2 flights of stairs as we have a 3-story house and she sleeps on the 3rd floor) and was fussing. I happened to be getting ready for my shower and she comes in, fussing. I asked her what was wrong--I thought for sure she had a tummy bug too since Abby had had it that day), but she just said, "I have to go potty!!" and proceeded to take her SHIRT off! Hahaha...I grabbed her, took her potty and had Jeremy carry her back upstairs. Poor sad girl. She didn't remember any of it the next day...and the whole time she was in the bathroom with us, she was actually SLEEPING! It's very strange!!

Abby asked me if she could invite Santa Claus to her birthday party. Isn't that sweet?

One of Luke's nicknames is "Baby Guy", a name coined by Abby when she would lean over him when he was first born and say OVER and OVER, "Hey guy, hey baby, hey baby, hey baby guy, hey guy...." and we thought "Baby Guy" was so cute that's what we started calling him. Well her newest thing she says to him is "Brodda Boy" which I think is just too cute. I could just squeeze that cute little pain in the rear she's such a doll...and such a turkey!

Here's a little tidbit of info I learned today: Did you know the Wolverine is the largest member of the WEASEL family? I had no idea they were related!

Okay, goodnight!