Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Precious Things They Say.

I had a bit of a rough evening. I shouldn't say it was particularly rough, but I did lose my cool. Jeremy is gone for the week and I do NOT like having to care for all three children by myself. Luke hasn't been going to sleep nicely lately and it's been a bit rough. Abby pushes my buttons constantly...she is such a loose cannon! I lost my temper this evening and yelled at her and kind of kicked Savannah's drawer closed--hard--and Savannah, being the soft-hearted sweetie that she is, started crying. Once I got Luke off to bed and had some time to pray, I went into their room (where they were both reading so cutely) and told them both I was very sorry, that I lost my temper and wasn't being a good example of self-control and I asked them to forgive me. Savannah looked into my eyes and said, "Mommy, of course we forgive you, we're your children!" Oh my...talk about melting your heart! What a precious thing to say. I tend to think that God gave us the children we have because of what WE have to offer them...but it's times like this that remind me that He's blessed us with these precious gifts because they're the children WE need.

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