Saturday, June 6, 2009


Jeremy took the girls camping, so it's just Luke and me here. He is still asleep and I really should be doing something incredibly productive, but as usual, my mind is FULL of things to do and I don't know where to begin. I was thinking of consolidating all of my blogs to one central location, but I don't know if that's the best thing to do. I have my homeschool blog, my family blog, my "spiritual" blog which is currently private and I'd like to add some more home-making stuff to a blog too. I like the idea of having one place that I can log into and blog and then be done. However, I'm not sure that starting over and bringing all the old posts to one place would be the best option. So I think I'll start NOW and start using those cool "label" things so I can sort posts by topic. Hey, I guess that's why they make those labels! Some of us are slow learners! :)

Savannah and I finished "Little Town on the Prairie" yesterday. I cannot believe we have only 2 books in the entire Little House series left. I cannot recommend these books more highly, they are absolutely fantastic! I always have to promise Savannah that I will NOT read ahead without her...and that keeps me excited about our daily read-aloud time. Whenever we have a spare few moments, we look at eachother and run to the sofa for just ONE more chapter (or 2 or 3, depending on how much time we have). I had never read these as a child, so I'm making up for lost time now. I'm very excited about this homeschooling journey, I'm truly enjoying all of the things I'm learning from it. It's nice to start out in kindergarten again, I really needed that! Okay, I must get many interests, so little time.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Luke's new "word"

Just today Luke started saying, "Yeah" instead of just saying "Uh Huh" when he is answering an affirmative. It's very cute..."Luke do you want that?", "Yeah". It'd be nice if he'd say, "Yes Mommy", and if you tell him to he WILL say, "Yes Mommy Dearest", but it's not his natural response. For now I guess I'll have to be happy with a simple, "Yeah".

A Very Eventful Day

Today we decided to do something fun. It has been a while since we've gone to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, and since they let us in for free, we (my friend Jessye and I) decided we had better take advantage before school gets out and it's too busy to be fun. The children had a great time and got LOTS of playing in. Savannah really enjoyed chasing the over-abundant pigeons around, Luke loved the outdoor play area and Abby said her favorite was the moon sand table in the art room. Yes, a good time was had by all. I even made a thermos full of hot cocoa for all of the kids (and chai for us moms!). We got home just before 3 and I put Luke to bed for his nap. For some reason he just would NOT go to sleep this afternoon. It was very frustrating, but I do realize that when he's had a very exciting morning and only has an hour or so to wind down AND nap, I can't expect much. While I was sitting at the computer, taking my afternoon email check time, I heard Abby SCREAM. She's a little overly dramatic on a good day, but this was a serious scream. She came running upstairs and there was blood dripping like mad from her hand. She was too hysterical to tell me what had happened...and I had to pray to stay calm and try to get her calm. I threw a clean washcloth over the bleeding finger and held it to get the bleeding to subside before taking a closer look. I finally got out of her that she had stuck her finger into the paper shredder and her friend turned it on! EEK! When I looked at her finger, I guessed the story was accurate from the deep wound on her finger. Thankfully it was nearly 4 and I knew Jeremy would be walking through the door at any soon as he did (it couldn't have been more than a minute or two), I handed Abby off to him so I could change my blood-stained shirt and take her to the E.R.. On the way there I kept telling her to take deep breaths and telling her that when this was all over, she'd be joking about it and telling her friends how cool it was that she had stitches. She didn't believe me. She was SO upset...and rightfully so, finger cuts HURT! Once we got into the hospital and she got settled, she really calmed down. The doctor was in very quickly and got her all shot up with lidocaine (which she thought was a blast because not only did it make her finger very numb, it also made it very plump). After that, it was all fun and games! She didn't mind looking at her finger at all. The doctor came in, gave her 7 stitches and she was good to go. And as I said, as soon as we got home, she had to go tell ALL of her friends about her adventure! What a sport! :)

And last but not least (well, maybe least), we have yet another batch of house finch babies that have hatched in our bathroom window. I found eggs the other day when the girls were SO upset because we had barn swallows nesting under our balcony and I sprayed the beginnings of the nests down because I didn't want a huge mess over our garage...and the girls were very upset because they really wanted to see the eggs hatch and all...but God is so good and for some reason I peeked out of our bathroom window and sure enough, there was a fresh batch of finch eggs (the second batch this spring!). When we checked them this evening we opened the window to a nest full of tiny, half-naked, fuzzy little finch babies. How sweet!

Here are some photos from the Discovery Museum today: