Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Today is a big day!

Today was the first day that Luke walked more than he crawled. He was actually "running" in place at times. I think he was starting to get a feel of what it's like to be on his feet, rather than on his knees. It's so cute and quite strange to see him walking around. The other day I was upstairs and saw him walk by out of the corner of my eye...I thought to myself, "Who in the world just walked by?!?!" I have to get used to another PERSON in this house...not just a baby anymore!!

We're having a major flea problem. A few days ago there was an appalling smell emanating from somewhere near our house. We figured out it was something that crawled under our front porch and died. How lovely. The housing people came out and filled the hole leading under the stairs with that weird foam stuff--after we had shoved pillows into the holes and were greatly relieved that it alleviated the stench. Do you have any idea how infuriating it is to not be able to open your windows in the evening when it's hot outside because it smells like rotting animal?!?! Yeah, it was bad. Anyway...either we're just having a serious flea problem...or that animal had a serious flea problem and pawned it off on us when it curled up and died. Whatever the case, it's disgusting. We're talking HUNDREDS of fleas. I tell ya, we are NOT dirty people...why does all of this nasty stuff happen to us?!?! We're waiting to see if housing will do anything for us--such as call in some serious pest control!!! I'd love to set a few (hundred) bombs off in my house--I've treated Daisy with Advantage--but nothing will help if there are hundreds of fleas hopping onto our legs whenever we come in the house. Hmmm...perhaps we could treat ourselves with Advantage?!?! Nah, that'd be way too expensive!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls....

Today Savannah was at the side door, asking me to help her open it. I thought that was a bit strange, because she usually has no problem...but when I got down to her, she had all of her tea-party implements in her hands...and was struggling to keep from crying. She walked in the door and fell apart. "I broke Josephine's Slip-n-Slide, I didn't mean to turn the water on so hard". Oh my heart just broke. Savannah is such a precious, sweet, sensitive little girl and it really makes me sad to see her feel like she's done something wrong--knowing it was a complete accident. I asked her why she had all of her dishes in her hands and she said, "Josephine is mad at me and won't have a tea party with me now!" I had to snuggle her and just have her get it all out. The poor thing. I held her, told her it was okay, we'd figure it all out. In walks Abby...she says, "Why is Savannah crying?" I told her why and then Abby's face gets scrunched up and she starts crying..."Now I won't have a tea party either...and they don't like my baby dolls anymore!!!!" Girls, I tell ya. When we let our emotions out, we let them out...and we just don't CARE if they're rational or not. I had to say, "And they probably think we're UGLY too!!!" WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!
I took the girls outside to figure everything out and Josephine was at her Slip-n-Slide, CRYING as well. Oh geez!! I'm happy to say we got it all figured out...everyone was happy and everyone sat down to tea (or shall I say pink lemonade).

The other night (when Savannah gets the most chatty--go figure) I was telling Savannah to be quiet and get ready to go to sleep and she says, "Mommy...I just LOOOOVE to TALK!!". No kidding?!?!?! I hadn't noticed!! The girl who started mimicking words at 2 weeks old?? Shocking!

Yesterday we went to 2 birthday parties--one for Reece (our neighbor) and one for Joy (a friend who lives nearby). Abby was preparing for Joy's party and was trying to figure out what she should give to her. I just love that about children--sometimes they do have trouble sharing, but in general, they're such giving little creatures. My girls are always willing to share their candy--even when they only have one more piece. It's rather sweet. So Abby found her purse and took out all of the money she had (40 cents) and brought it to Joy's house...set it on top of her present and made sure she got it. It was so cute. Abby is a little sweetie pie. She's definitely our most difficult child--she has a streak she does, but she's also so very wonderful, so sweet, so cuddly and just plain adorable. She most certainly fits that middle child profile. I've been trying to be more attentive to meeting her needs (and identifying them--that's key) so that she feels loved. She challenges me in ways I never wanted to be challenged though...but you know...what do you do? She's my baby, I love her, I want the best for her...I want her to love Jesus and to see Him in me (now that's a challenge!!) so this is a job I just can't quit...and I really look forward to seeing how the Lord works in her life to use the wonderful, unique personality she has to His glory.

While we were at Reece's party yesterday, Luke was pushing a little car around (he LOVES things he can push around) and he wandered a little ways away and started climbing up a little baby climbing thing. I looked over and saw him climbing up the slide. He was totally alone and a ways away from everyone and he's got a HUGE grin on his face, just having the time of his life playing on that slide. What a precious little man he is. Have I ever mentioned how in love I am with Luke? I don't think a baby could get more precious--honestly.

That's it for now, I've got a couple of pictures and videos I want to post...but I have to wait for Jeremy to compress the videos for me.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We have big news!!!

Luke is WALKING!!! Yes, that's right...finally at 14 months, 1 week and 2 days old, Luke has taken lots of consecutive steps today! He started out just doing a couple and then this evening I caught him walking back and forth in his crib--practicing! :) He's very proud of himself and wanted Jeremy and I to keep him going back and forth between the two of us indefinitely! We finally had to stop because I had to get dinner done. With both of the girls, once they started taking a couple of consecutive steps, they were walking quite proficiently by the end of the week. I'm pretty excited to have a little walker...

New Stuff....

Lukes newest word is "MORE". I said before that he started signing "more", but now he's actually saying it...unfortunately, I think he thinks "more" means "Cookie Crisp". Bad Mommy!