Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Today is a big day!

Today was the first day that Luke walked more than he crawled. He was actually "running" in place at times. I think he was starting to get a feel of what it's like to be on his feet, rather than on his knees. It's so cute and quite strange to see him walking around. The other day I was upstairs and saw him walk by out of the corner of my eye...I thought to myself, "Who in the world just walked by?!?!" I have to get used to another PERSON in this house...not just a baby anymore!!

We're having a major flea problem. A few days ago there was an appalling smell emanating from somewhere near our house. We figured out it was something that crawled under our front porch and died. How lovely. The housing people came out and filled the hole leading under the stairs with that weird foam stuff--after we had shoved pillows into the holes and were greatly relieved that it alleviated the stench. Do you have any idea how infuriating it is to not be able to open your windows in the evening when it's hot outside because it smells like rotting animal?!?! Yeah, it was bad. Anyway...either we're just having a serious flea problem...or that animal had a serious flea problem and pawned it off on us when it curled up and died. Whatever the case, it's disgusting. We're talking HUNDREDS of fleas. I tell ya, we are NOT dirty people...why does all of this nasty stuff happen to us?!?! We're waiting to see if housing will do anything for us--such as call in some serious pest control!!! I'd love to set a few (hundred) bombs off in my house--I've treated Daisy with Advantage--but nothing will help if there are hundreds of fleas hopping onto our legs whenever we come in the house. Hmmm...perhaps we could treat ourselves with Advantage?!?! Nah, that'd be way too expensive!


genemcefee said...

Boy.... you must realize how important it is for me to keep in touch with you.... such a job I had trying to comment on your lastest news.... don't they grow up fast? hope to see you all on the 4th... gene

~*~Janelle~*~ said...

Awwhh, it's good to hear from you, Gene!! :) Yes, they do grow up so fast...sometimes way too fast, sometimes not fast enough!! Luke is so busy lately he's wearing me out. When we stay inside, he fusses and wants to be held, unless I put a Baby Einstein movie on...and when we go outside, he pushes his little car everywhere and it's quite a struggle to keep him on the sidewalk and out of the street. Today he got really upset because one of the neighborhood kids has a motorized car he was driving around and Luke wanted to drive it so badly. He doesn't realize he's so little. He just LOVES cars--Jeremy takes him for rides on the riding lawnmower almost every day, it's the highlight of the day!!
I don't think we'll be there for the 4th--I can't figure out a good way to do it. I don't want to be on the road the evening of the 4th with people who have been partying and drinking.

Karen said...

You guys can have our house. I'll be overnite at Lindas cuz we are going to Music Circus the next day and it just makes less trips that way. Let me know and I'll put clean sheets on the bed. Huggz, Mom

Karen said...

And Jonathan is going to be gone too.