Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm not creative enough to title this one...

...I just figured it's been a while since I did an update, I had better at least do SOMETHING. It's not that I've been incredibly busy, it's just that it seems that when I'm feeling particularly creative, I don't have the time to type, and when I do have the time...well, you get the idea! I tend to type my blog entries between 9:30-10:30pm (I should go check my history and see how accurate that really is) and that is not my greatest time of day, but what the hay, I'm doing the best with what I've got!!

Luke: Has started sleeping on his tummy and is finally (mostly) unswaddled!! My parents (and plenty of other people) give me flack about swaddling my children so long. They never did it in "their day", but I do it with my children, and all of them stopped being swaddled at around the same time-when they started rolling over and it made me worried!! Luke is still wrapped from the waist down at night, mostly to keep him warm while he sleeps. He's been napping wonderfully though and....DRUM ROLL PLEASE....he's FINALLY eating food!! Yes, yes, he's been "eating" food for a while now, but now he's actually seeming to enjoy it...and WANTING it. He usually eats oatmeal with banana for breakfast (he'll GLADLY fee himself banana--he's actually rather good at feeding himself finger foods) and yogurt with cereal and some other fruit/veggies mixed in. I haven't gotten him to eat any real savory stuff yet, but I just bought some chicken thighs that I'm going to cook up for him and try some chicken and noodles, chicken and rice, etc. and see how he likes it.
Luke is sitting up quite proficiently these days. He likes to be outside watching the other kids keeps him rather entertained. Savannah has started giving him "dancing lessons", she plays music for him and starts dancing and he'll start rocking back and forth along with her, it's very cute! Luke also babbles a lot, usually saying DADA or some form of the word...tonight we were praying and as I was praying he said, "DADA" really I said, "yes, we pray for Dada too" because Jeremy wasn't home. It was cute how Luke threw that in! Oh yes, one thing I was going to add in about him eating more is that he's started sleeping even better. Of course I don't want to jinx myself, but he's had quite a few nights recently where he goes to sleep just after 8pm and doesn't wake again until 9ish in the morning. No wakings at all. It's been marvelous!!!
There was something else that I wanted to note, but I just cannot's hard enough typing right now with my blurred vision from the tears in my eyes from yawning so much...perhaps I should go to bed and finish this tomorrow!!

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