Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

My sweet Luke turns 2 today!!
It's so fun to think back, 2 years ago today, my brother was here, my parents were here and Luke was NOT! I have a blog entry from that night when my labor started and then stopped and I felt like I let everyone down, especially when I had them drive for 2.5 hours at 3am! Oops! Oh well...2 years ago today we headed to the hospital to see what the doctor would say, I WAS in labor, just starting out. I remember clearly when the doctor said we could go ahead and induce--I mean, that WAS the reason I went to the hospital--to meet my precious baby son, but the thought of having another baby, of my girls not being my only ones anymore made me cry. Sure, I was a hormonal, extremely pregnant woman who was up most of the night, so not really in my right mind. We decided to induce and at 9:18pm, my sweet baby boy was born. Oh what a joy! He is the sweetest, most wonderful baby boy any mommy could ever imagine. These two years have passed so quickly and they've been so much fun watching the girls interact with him, watching him develop and see his unique "boy" traits...and man are they obvious!! For example: Luke LOVES the lawnmower. The second he hears it, he's running for HIS lawnmower to "help" me cut the grass. He rides with Jeremy on the riding lawnmower and they've started a little business cutting the neighbors grass...Luke is in heaven helping daddy. He makes car noises like a champ, he loves anything with wheels--and he refers to them as "Beep-Beep's", he also beeps when he backs up or when anything he's playing backs up, just like a big truck. He knows the names of many things, but generally calls them by the sounds they make: a chicken is a "bock-bock" and duck is a "quack-quack", the cat is a "meow". He does call birds "birdies", so we're getting there. He's starting to say a lot more, but he's definitely not a talker, especially not compared to the girls, but as they say, you cannot compare boys and girls...they're totally different and I'm so blessed to have both. Here are some photos of Luke from birth thru now. Enjoy!!

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4 Puccis said...

Ahhh. He is getting Soooooo big. I can't believe I was there when he was brand new and now he's a little boy instead of a baby. Well, a toddler at least. No need to get ahead of ourselves. We can still hold him down and cuddle him if we want :) Wish I was there to celebrate. We'll see you soon.