Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sleep, sweet sleep...

My sweet little guy slept from 8-2:40 and from 3-7am! He is getting so big and doing such a good job with sleeping--it's fantastic! He's also rolling over every time we put him on his more tummy time for this little one!! He's 10 weeks now and he's looking so big...he's growing out of that "newborn" look and looking more like a baby. He smiles like you wouldn't believe...he'll stop nearly anything he's doing (including nursing) if he thinks he can catch you and give you a big ol gummy grin. When this little guy smiles, it's a full-face exercise too. He "sparkles" when he smiles.
When I put him on the floor, he'll lift his entire chest off of the floor--I think he's my strongest baby so far. I swaddle him in a muslin blanket and then a "miracle blanket" (the one with velcro) and he STILL gets out of it at least once a night!

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