Thursday, September 9, 2010


Yesterday Luke was playing "delivery man". He'd go outside and come back inside to me with a "package". He'd hand it to me, I'd open it and we'd chat about what was inside. It was pretty cute. He did it over and over again until I opened a "package" and said, "Awwwhhh what a cute little kitty!". (the children have been DYING for a new kitty). He came over and "picked it up" and "pet it", then he named it "Pufferbell". He "played" with Pufferbell for a while and then we put her on a pillow for a rest. The girls came in and Luke "showed" Pufferbell to them. THEY started playing with her. But get this, (this is my children in a nutshell *LONG, DEEP SIGH*) they started ARGUING over Pufferbell. Luke came in and told me that Abby wouldn't let him hold her!! Are you kidding me??? My children will argue over anything...even a fake kitty. It was cute while it lasted, but I'm glad Pufferbell seems to have climbed into a corner somewhere and is "hiding".

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Karen said...

Oh Janelle, that had me laughing so hard it brought tears to my cute! And so true...Loved it!