Friday, November 18, 2011


...guess what?!?! No, I'm not pregnant. Not yet at least. Yes, we are hoping for more blessings. No, we are not crazy. But that is neither here nor there...what I was talking about was the fact that I got a NEW computer!! :) My poor laptop. Actually, it wasn't even MY laptop, it was Jeremy's, and he let me use it. That was a very big mistake. It became the "family" computer as the other computer is in the basement (and for some strange reason is not currently working--hmm, odd) and the laptop was conveniently on the dining room table. Well, yes, it was convenient...for everyone, including Aaron. Convenient to color on with dry erase markers (how DOES he reach those things?), convenient to bash on the keys and see which ones come popping off...oh yeah, and a convenient receptacle if you happen to spit up! Eeeeewww, yes, it was nasty. I honestly had thought that someone left a cheese puff under the laptop, but strangely, we hadn't had cheese puffs in the house for quite a while. I was in denial, what can I say? Any hoo. It was time for a new computer. My time is very limited and thus, I don't like to spend my "spare" time sitting at the table on the computer. But the fact that the battery on the laptop was non-existent made it impossible to do anything BUT sit at the table if I wanted to do anything on the computer. Mind you, I really don't spend a TON of time on the computer, but I do a lot of my shopping online, as well as researching new recipes and a bit of time keeping in touch on for me it's nice to be able to sit down and do what I need to do online while nursing. Although I try not to do that TOO much as I really like to just look at Lilah while she nurses, it's so sweet.
It's just so much fun to have a computer that is all my own. I just downloaded the first batch of photos onto my computer using my OWN organization system. When I download files, I know exactly where they are. The best part though, is that the computer is little and easily put away, up out of the reach of the little "Tiny Tot of Terror"! Oh, and it was on sale for only $250! What a deal! So I'm so happy that I am sitting on the sofa posting this rather than sitting in a terribly uncomfortable chair at the dining room table...oh, AND my dining room table is no longer cluttered with various and sundry computer stuff! Praise God!

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