Monday, December 5, 2011

Rolling Over!

Lilah is still 10 days away from being 6 months old and she is officially a pro at rolling over from both tummy to back and now back to tummy!! She had done it before, but it wasn't anything really consistent, but as of today, I put her on the floor and there she goes, right to her tummy! She is already getting all around the living room as well, just wiggling along. When I put her on her back, she'll do sit ups to see what's going on...she's extremely strong. It really is amazing how quickly babies start to become mobile!! I wonder if this is any indication of her being an early crawler?!?!? I sure hope not...but hey, what can I do!?!?


Tanya said...

I think it's mean to post that without a picture! You're teasing us aren't you? :-P It's such a blessing to see them reach these milestones, we know they are developing normally and there aren't any problems. But each big leap in development always holds it's little giddeyups in our lives doesn't it? I'm dealing with a toddler right now who is into EVERYTHING. Of course you're probably much more babyproof than we are since your kiddos are more spread out. With 5 years between the last two we had gotten pretty lax.

~*~Janelle~*~ said...

A toddler into everything?!? My, I don't know what you mean! :) I don't baby proof too much, I'm kinda of the mindset that they need to learn to keep their paws off of stuff, but Aaron is definitely a challenge...he's into EVERYTHING. So we've definitely done some babyproofing in order to maintain my sanity!

It really is a blessing to see the milestones, and such an amazing thing to watch it over and over and how babies do develop at a very similar rate, yet with their own little twists. I really look forward to sitting up, it's so much fun when they can sit up because they're so much more part of the group when they can sit there....she loves her exersaucer, I think it makes her feel like one of the big kids. :) Unfortunately I can't leave her on the floor much because Aaron will squish her. He was sitting on her lap today when she was in her little rocker thingy...what a brute! I'll post some pics soon, I promise!