Monday, August 20, 2012

Where's Baby Ryan???

This morning I woke up and was sitting on the sofa with Aaron. He lifted up my shirt, looked at my belly and said, "Where's baby Ryan???" I told him, "I'm wondering the same thing!" Today is my due date. Not that a due date has EVER meant anything to me, but I was thinking that the fact that I've had 3 pregnancies so close together should help my body kick this little one out a bit sooner than it's done with previous babies...what do you think? I've been having quite a few contractions...way more than with any previous pregnancies so for some odd reason, I'm still hopeful. Last night I had quite a few and they were a bit more uncomfortable than the other ones I've had...but of course, once I got up to use the bathroom, they fizzled out. Today my entire tummy is very crampy and sore. I'm having some contractions...but I have a very hard time getting excited--yet I remain hopeful! Maybe today is the day...maybe not. But at least I know the time for me to hold my little guy is getting closer!

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