Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's My Due Date

Yes, we've come upon yet another due date! Each baby I have I wonder if THIS will be the one that I go early with. I don't know why I haven't given up on that notion yet, I guess I'm an eternal optimist. This time is a little weird because although THIS date is my due date according to my LMP and was confirmed by both of my ultrasounds, my doctor has written Feb. 2nd down as my "official" date. That's better for me because if/when I do go over, I won't be pushed into an induction as soon. He has already asked me if I wanted to schedule an induction...and of course, I said, "NO WAY in ....!" Now that I know the difference between a natural labor and an induction, I'd NEVER choose that route matter how uncomfortable I get. I feel like I'm having a bit of an easier time being patient this time. Not that it's easy by any stretch, but I don't feel as antsy as I have in the past at this point, probably because I don't have a SUPER specific due date...more of a range. That's what I've been told a due date should be anyway...a due "range". It is a bit odd that we assign a date and then say, "baby will arrive on this date...and if baby is early, baby is EARLY and if they're late, they're LATE". I mean, really...we don't give them a specific date to get their first tooth or to crawl or walk, right? I find that a due date just serves to make me frustrated and irritable...not something I need help with at this point. By the way, only around 5% of babies arrive ON their due date! So today I don't have any plans...I'd love if things started happening. I'd love to have a baby today, but I'll keep busy with everything else and if this day ends with no sign of baby, it's just one day CLOSER to holding her in my arms. She's bound to show up eventually, right?

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