Thursday, January 25, 2007

Well it's official!

Our girls are now officially sharing a bedroom!
My parents took them on Thursday and they stayed at their house until Saturday. Jeremy and I bought new beds, painted the room, made it REALLY, REALLY cute and girly. They came home from the zoo Sunday (we needed more time to work--thanks mom and dad!! ) and were super tired. They were really, really excited about their room because their beds have "princess nets" over them...they got into bed, and went to sleep! Savannah knows how to read the clock, so at 7:00 she was up, and she was quiet enough to let Abby sleep in until 7:45--one of my biggest worries. I'm very excited for them, I think it's going to be very fun for them to share a big girl room...and the fact that they got new beds and everything helped...and Savannah is also very excited about giving up her room to become "Luke's Room". It's wonderful, she's not even calling it her room's simply "Luke's Room". Now we have to paint and decorate baby Luke's room and all will be set! Can anyone say "NESTING" Yeah, this is nesting to an extreme...praise God I have the energy to do it all!

**I wrote the above other day, so bear with me**

They're still sleeping great! They have slept in wonderfully every morning since they've started sharing. What a blessing. Savannah doesn't wake Abby up in the morning or when she gets up to go potty--now if only she wouldn't wake ME up (she feels the need to come in and tell me that she just went potty. Thankfully I'm already awake because I'm a very light sleeper). Quiet time for Savannah has gotten a bit more tricky. I've started working on Luke's room, so she did quiet time in my room today. Oh man, it's so much louder in there. Hopefully once I get Luke's room all situated, she can do quiet time in there again and it'll be much better. I guess that should light a fire under my rear to get it done really soon!

I had a doctor appointment yesterday. It was pretty boring (which is great) and found out baby is head down--which I figured because he's not wiggling as much anymore. He's now stretching out and sticking his little rear out which can get quite painful! But it's good to know that he's being obedient (a sign of things to come?!??! I HOPE SO!) and doing what he should. Abby on the other hand has been quite the handful the past 2 days. I think she's just been extra sleepy, and the fact that they had AWANA last night didn't help. They don't get to bed until after 9pm on AWANA nights, so poor girl was quite tired this morning. I'm not allowing her to have her paci except at nap/nighttime and she did NOT like that. She thinks she needs it to cope with life, and I disagree! I will win, but she is not making it easy! After a very rough morning, she succumbed and things are better now. Let's pray that continues.

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