Thursday, July 5, 2007

Luke is SO strong!

Today Luke started pushing himself up on his arms and looking around like such a big guy! He was really having a good time as long as he could hold his head up and it was so adorable. It's always fun when babies have these big jumps in development, he couldn't do this yesterday and today he can...amazing little man!
I'll try to take a picture of him doing it and post it.

Today for his nap I swaddled him with his hand by his mouth. He was having a very hard time falling asleep, so I was hoping that'd help. I guess he slept because he was quiet for about an hour. I'm really hoping that he'll start sucking his fingers. He's a pretty easy going baby, but he's still a bit difficult to get to sleep at times, so anything would help.

The above photo isn't the best one I could get of him lifting his head, but the one where he had his head up the highest, he had a face on like he was really struggling! So this is the cutest/best so far!

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Ferbit said...

Aaaaawh!!! I would love to see photos! :)