Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Discoveries!

Luke discovered his knees today. He's been lifting them up to his chest and in the bath tonight he was grabbing at them. Next it'll be his feet! How exciting!!
He is also now able to grab onto a toy that's on his chest and of course, he eats it!

The girls are getting along so well these days. It's so great to see them playing together and be in harmony for longer periods of time. It truly brings joy to my heart. The other day we went for a walk as a family. My mom always says, "why don't you take the kids for a walk??" Hmmmm...perhaps because it's darn near painful! The girls walk so slowly...and I feel bad hurrying them along because they're just being curious children, and I LOVE that...but when we're walking, I want to walk--especially when I've got a crying baby in the stroller! So we're walking, Luke is crying and the girls are exploring (they found some pretty beads in the grass) and this man says, "Do you have a wagon?" I said, "No." and he said, "Oh good...would you like one?". I said, "Sure why not!" So Abby climbed in and Savannah dragged her along for a good portion of the walk...and they both thoroughly enjoyed it. That is, until Savannah got tired of lugging Abby around and Abby decided after resting that she was just too tired to continue walking, then all you know what broke loose. Jeremy came along on his scooter and took ABBY (?!) for a ride and poor Savannah, after having done all of that hard work, started crying, "It's not fair, it's not fair to me". Poor little one. I felt so bad I had her climb in and I dragged the wagon WHILE pushing the stroller. Needless to say, I was so sweaty when we got home. It was a good walk when all was said and done though. It'd be nice if it could be a bit easier--no crying baby would definitely help, so I know the time will come soon for that.
But now that we have that wagon, the girls are constantly pulling eachother around. It looks like so much fun!
Michelle, Hallie, James, Kathryn and Matthew arrived today. For those of you who don't know, they're our WONDERFUL friends who used to be our neighbors. They lived 2 doors down from us for 2.5 years and then moved to Virginia. The girls absolutely adore Hallie (8) and James (6)...they're best friends. Michelle is also my best friend and our families got along so well. So they're out here for nearly a month for a visit. Michelle's parents live here in Novato. It's very exciting also because when they moved, I had just found out that I was pregnant with Luke. Michelle was about 4.5 months pregnant at the time with Matthew (8 months today!). Kathryn (2) was just a little pip squeak. So this will be the first time they meet Luke and we meet Matthew! And of course so much changes when a child goes from 1 year old to 2! I can't wait to see them! I spoke with Michelle today and they were just leaving the airport. She said they'd probably come over tomorrow because today was such a busy day, etc. A little while later Savannah came in the house and said, "Michelle drove by, she said Hallie and James would be over to play tomorrow." She said it so nonchalantly that I didn't really believe her. So I started quizzing her and it appeared that Michelle did indeed drive by and talk to the girls. When I spoke to her later she said that the girls were SO EXCITED when she drove up they were almost shaking! How cute!! She said that Abby is HUGE compared to what she was a year ago--she's definitely sprouted up! But then again, there is a huge difference between a 2.5 year old and a 3.5 year old.

Savannah has been contemplating who she will marry when she grows up. There is a new boy named Josh who she says she is going to marry. Then she said, "Who do you think I should marry: Josh, Drew or James?" Drew is a definite NO and I asked her, "Savannah, does Josh love Jesus?" and she said, "I think he knows God, but he thinks that Jesus is who made the ark. And he also said that the Bible we use for homeschool isn't really a Bible." So I told her, "You know, the most important thing when you're considering who to marry is whether he loves Jesus or not." and she said, "James loves Jesus!" and I said, "Yes he does" and she said, "Okay, I'll marry him." Whew...I'm so glad that one is settled!! Hahaha!! If only it were that simple!

Well that's all the update time I have. At least this time I included the girls and some photos of them as well! Oh, I should note: the other day Abby helped me juice about 25 limes and 15 lemons! She did most of it herself and did a WONDERFUL job! She is an excellent help in the kitchen! I have an electric juicer, but you still have to use a good amount of muscle to do it!

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