Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Brand New Playground

We are extremely blessed. We have a playground right in our backyard. We have the perfect location because I can let the children play while I fold laundry or do whatever I need to do and I can see them perfectly well from my dining room window.

The playground that WAS in there was very archaic though. It had these BIG, concrete "climbing" things...very dangerous. It also had a big climbing dome (I remember having to climb into there while I was HUGELY pregnant with Luke because Abby was hanging and was scared to let go...that was fun) and swings. The swings were nice, but the rest was old and not too safe. Not to mention that it was all sand, and every cat in the neighborhood used it as a big litter box--lots of fun when you think of all of the babies that sit there and eat sand. Yes, the sand was fun to play with, but it was also horrible for trying to keep my house clean, especially in the wet season.

So they finally yanked all of the old stuff out and just finished on Wednesday with all of the new stuff. The new swings leave a lot to be desired, but the play structure itself is awesome!! We're very blessed.

Waiting VERY patiently while they finish up with the wood chips:

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