Friday, July 24, 2009

While the girls are away...

Since the girls have been at VBS all week, Luke and I have had some nice quality time together. Wednesday we went on a nature hike. We saw a sharp-shinned hawk and lots of lizards. I taught Luke what star-thistle is as I stepped on it while trying to (unsuccessfully) catch a lizard for him. It was a fun hike though, it was very nice spending time with my little guy.

Yesterday he and I went to the civic center park in San Rafael. It's right by the church where the girls were having VBS, so I thought it'd be a fun place to play with Luke. There are always lots of birds there and Luke is an avid birdie-chaser! As we were heading down the path for a little walk, we saw in one of the little man-made ponds, a few baby "duckings" (as Luke calls them).

4 babies

Momma watches over the babes

Luke got his fill of birdie chasing (we found out that pigeons are the best for chasing because they don't fly far). As we were walking and looking, we saw a big rat on the shore, but it hid in the bushes before we could look at it...and then we saw a muskrat swimming in the water! How fun! This park is always fun because we've seen many different critters. Usually it's just interesting birds, but we have seen turtles in the past and now I know there are rats and muskrats! Kinda cool!!

Here are some photos of Luke, just being his cute self.

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