Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Good Reason to Resume Posting

I have to thank Facebook for my lack of posting on's just so easy to go to Facebook, post a sentence or two and receive (almost) instant feedback. It cannot replace, however, the depth of a blog...nor the ability to go back in time and see what was happening in my life days, months or even years ago like I can do here. Soooo, that being said, I'm going to have to make the time to start blogging again because of the fact that I'm PREGNANT again! We just found out on Saturday (Oct. 3, 2009). I took a test to "prove" to my husband that I wasn't pregnant. He was teasing that every time he is deployed, I get pregnant. He's due to deploy for 5 months on October 21st. I wasn't happy with the laugh he got about "how funny would it be if...", so I took a pregnancy test to put my mind at ease (not to mention we're moving and I wanted "permission" to get rid of all of my baby stuff). Let's just say that I was a tad bit surprised when that pink line showed up! God has a very funny sense of humor, and although I do not understand why He does this, I trust that His plan is perfect and that this experience will lead me to lean on Him more and more...and that is always a good thing.
So, I'm 5 weeks pregnant today...I'd ideally like to update this every week with symptoms, news, etc. on this pregnancy. Last time I started blogging during my pregnancy and it's so fun to go back and read what was going on...but this time I think I'm starting earlier and maybe after 4 pregnancies, I'll be able to fully document the process to my satisfaction!
So far I don't have any real symptoms...but from what I remember, they don't start kicking in for me for another couple of weeks...which is fantastic because we're MOVING...and I need the energy to get things done. I have been craving salt a lot, but other than that...well, other than that and 3 + pregnancy tests, there isn't a whole lot telling me that I truly AM pregnant...which is right on target for what's "normal" for me.
Well, I've got lots of packing and cleaning to do...until next time...

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Karen said...

Hi Janelle! What a cool surprise as I just checked in for the slight chance that you started blogging again! Remember, I'm not on facebook, so I miss out on whatever you say there. Looking forward to seeing you at the party this saturday and catching up! Love, Mom Troyer