Friday, October 30, 2009

Missing Jeremy

Jeremy has officially been gone for a week and a half, but it seems more like a year and a half. As soon as we got moved into this place, everyone left--Jeremy and my parents. I've been alone ever since, trying to unpack, get settled and be the best mommy I can be, as well as deal with nausea, sleepless nights with my two year old terror and the basic overwhelm of being in a new home, alone, with no friends, no family and my 3 children. It's been a blast.

Now I don't want to sound like a big whiner or anything, I am incredibly blessed and don't want to take those blessings for granted. More than anything I want to be able to come back to this years from now and remember what I was going through at this time in my life. Every part of life is a journey...some are easier than others and some are more fun, but all of them are for a purpose and intended to develop character and a closer walk with Jesus--if I'll allow for it. It sure would be nice if these benefits could come at a lower price though! I'll be honest about that.

On an up note, I found out recently that two of my best friends are also is due right before me and one right after. It's so exciting to have them to go through this with. One of them is pregnant with #3 and the other with #1, so it's so fun to share experiences and to be able to be a source of wisdom, if you will, with the first time mommy.

We're slowly getting back into the groove of school. Today was the first day we actually did any "real" school work, and even so, it was pretty bare-bones. I haven't found all of my school books, so I'm kinda concerned. I'm missing my girls readers as well as one of my favorite parenting books (Keeping Your Children's Hearts), so I'm really hoping to find them--soon! I taught Savannah carrying today. She just doesn't have a brain for math. It doesn't come naturally to her like reading and language do...and she isn't quite grasping the concepts that our current math curriculum is trying to teach, so we went for the old fashioned "line the numbers up and add from right to left, carrying when necessary". What's wrong with that method anyway?? I don't quite understand why math has to be made so complicated. I'm hoping that simplifying it will help her out a bit. By the end of our lesson, she was doing great.

Well, tomorrow is my least-favorite holiday of the year: Halloween. I'm excited to see what my girls come up with for costumes though. I decided that I will NOT spend money on costumes, so they can pick and choose from what they have in their should be fun. Of course we have dress up clothes from years ago too, so I think we're going to see if we can find the old bumble bee costume for Luke! It should be cute. I'll take photos and post them soon.

Well, since I'm not Miss. Energy these days, I had better take a shower and hit the hay. I'll go to bed tonight counting my blessings (of which there are many) and trying to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, and His wonderful plans for a hope and a future for this family...and pray that I might be able to stay positive and endure these current hardships with JOY, knowing that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

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