Saturday, November 14, 2009

Settling (in more ways than one)

We have now been in our home for over a month and I'm starting to feel a bit more settled. It was a very rough start, but I don't think anything goes particularly smoothly when you're feeling nauseous and tired all the time. I'm now 10+ weeks pregnant and the yucky symptoms are starting to subside (praise the Lord!) and I'm feeling much more human again. The other night I actually cooked a home-made meal! I'm so ashamed to admit that we've been eating frozen meals pretty much the entire time we've been here. I had been feeling so yucky that I couldn't even decided WHICH frozen meals to buy because everything looked gross. Thankfully the children are more than content to eat mac n cheese and Spaghetti-O's nearly every meal...although I feel like the worst mom in the world feeding them that way. So the other night I made spaghetti. I was going to make meatballs to go with, but I couldn't stand the thought of handling the meat, so I just cooked it up and added sauce to it. Just looking at the meat nearly sent me to the bathroom for a little gag-fest, but I made it through. I wasn't this sick with any of my other pregnancies (I still have yet to throw up during pregnancy, but I've been pretty nauseous and have gagged a couple of times). I don't know if I've been more nauseous because I've been more busy with being alone with 3 children, or if it's each additional pregnancy that gets worse or what the deal is. I have my first appointment on the 24th of November and I can't wait to see this little bean and have some reassurance that I'm actually pregnant and not just sick and crazy!

I was able to get a plane ticket for Jeremy to come home for Christmas. I feel like I now have a sense of hope, something to look forward to. The ticket was $675, but I think it'll be worth it! :) Besides, my WONDERFUL brother sent us $100 toward the ticket too, what a kind hearted gesture! I was also incredibly blessed today when I sent a little prayer up to the Lord and asked for His help to find the $330 cash I hadn't been able to find since we moved. It was my Christmas fund and I was really, really hoping it hadn't gotten lost. I was in the girl's closet helping them straighten up and I opened up a box that I had packed my "junk" drawer into and there was my tea tin, with my money inside! Thank you JESUS!!! :) Now I'm ready to start the Christmas shopping!

Well, we're going to my parents house in a few minutes. This will be the first time we've spent the night there since we've lived here...we're going to try going to church with them in the morning (the service starts at 8:15--UGGH!!). We've been going to church up here in the church Jeremy and I got married in, but it's somewhat uninspiring (no offense). There aren't many children and although I know my children don't NEED other children, it'd be fun for them if there was a bit more for them to be involved in. I'm not sure if we're going to stick with the one my parents go to though, it's very early on a weekend...and it's a ways away. They do have a Christmas program for the children though, and that'd be fun to see.

Savannah, Abby and Luke are all doing very well. I think everyone is adjusted to our new living situation. It's much cooler here, and definitely a different environment, but they seem to be having a good time. Yesterday we walked to the post office and met up with a girl from church. She came over for a "play date" and the girls were so happy to have another child to play with. I'm not so sure though...there were a few tears when one child didn't want to play the same thing as another. That's something I don't usually deal with with just my two girls. They're usually into playing the same things. Other than the little squabbles (usually between Luke and Abby), it's usually quite peaceful around here...something I'm enjoying immensely!

I'm praying for our future and where the Lord is leading our family. We have no idea where He will bring us, but I'm trusting that wherever we go is exactly where He wants us. I've discovered being here that just because you're near family doesn't exactly mean they want you around. I'm much more lonely here with my family around than I was with just my friends. I had never realized the blessing of good friends until I lived in Novato. I had never had good, close, Christian friends until recently...and those friendships have meant the world to me. Even the support system of our military family has been invaluable. I can't say that my family isn't still super important to me, but I'm learning that just because we're family doesn't mean that they're going to meet all of my needs--especially those needs that are truly met by good friends in the same life situation as myself. So if nothing else, the Lord is teaching me to treasure the wonderful people He has brought into my life...because they are truly a blessing from above.

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