Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thank God for Luke

It's sad when your memory has been surpassed by the memory of a 2 year old.
Last night Savannah went to give Luke a kiss goodnight, and she stepped on the rail of his crib and (after 3 children) the rail isn't as sturdy as it once was. It fell down a bit and I have a hard time fixing it...it wasn't bad enough to worry about, so I told Luke just to go to sleep and Papa would be there tomorrow and he could fix it.

Today my dad showed up and did some stuff around the house for me (God Bless him!), and I was looking for him and found him in the bedroom with Luke. Luke had asked him to come into his room with him to fix the crib for him. I love that boy!! That is such a little "man" thing to do...make sure the projects are taken care of! :) I couldn't believe that although Savannah and I both forgot to ask my dad to do that, Luke remembered! I tell ya, if I didn't have my children, I'm not sure I could get through the days these days! I think this baby will be nice and smart, because it sure is draining my brain! :)

Tomorrow I have another chance (hopefully) to find out what this little baby is.

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