Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School

We had our first day of school yesterday. It was mostly an overview of what we'll be doing this year, looking at our books and stuff, but the girls and Luke were all eager to jump in. Luke did great with his workbooks--he's got Get Ready for the Code, Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten Mathematics and Developing the Early Learner (or something along those lines, I'm not sure of the EXACT title at this moment--my coffee cup is still half full, so my brain is not quite functional yet). He did a few pages and really enjoyed it. He's so funny, when I asked him to tell daddy what letter he was learning about today he said, "FISH!". Hahaha...uhhh, fish is not a letter! :)

Abby got her math drill done in about 6 minutes and 25 seconds, Savannah took just over 9 minutes, which is typical for them. Abby is stronger in math, Savannah in language/reading. It's interesting to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie. They're both in 4th grade math because of this. I'm really loving our curriculum so far. I never thought I'd be more of a workbook kind of person, but I think it's going to work for us because not only do my girls LIKE workbooks, but it gives me something tangible to evaluate where we've been and how we're coming along. So I'm pretty excited.

The only thing that didn't go smoothly yesterday was Aaron...he was quite disruptive, so it'll be interesting to see what I can do with him in order to minimize the craziness!! Speaking of which, he's awake...better finish this cuppa quick!!

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