Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baby "Why-Why" is 1 Month Old!

I've always said that with every child, time goes by faster and faster. It's been true for every pregnancy and true for every child. It's crazy. Ryan (or Why-Why as Aaron calls him) is already a month old. I cannot believe it. He's growing so quickly he can barely squeeze into newborn clothes anymore. He's able to stay awake a bit longer and is making nice eye contact. He smiles quite a bit and tries to eek out little sounds here and there. He really is a delightful little baby. As long as he's fed and changed and put to bed when he's tired, he's content. We are truly blessed.

Lilah kissing her baby

Crashed out little guy...I think he was having a growth spurt, I couldn't wake him up for ANYTHING this day

Ryan's cute outfit from Auntie Julie--it says, "Captain Cutie, Reporting for Duty"

Big sister Savannah...I love this photo because it looks like she's holding a little doll. He's wearing a darling sweater that was crocheted by a friend of ours.

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Jill Wragg** said...

Love Love Love! I guess this is why we are done having babies . . . babyhood flies by and then the real work begins! :-) Enjoy that baby and enjoy the big new house!!!