Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Bath--10 Days Old

This morning when Ryan woke up, I changed his diaper and was elated to find out that his umbilical cord had fallen off!! :) I just love this first milestone because not only does it make diaper changes that much easier, it also means he can FINALLY take a real bath. Now, I realize that newborns don't get really "dirty", but it's nice to get them all fresh and clean and to see how they react to taking a nice little soak. Ryan seems to like being quite warm, so he didn't LOVE it as much as he might have if it had been warmer, but he didn't hate it either. He really did not like when I got him out and had to dry him off. Poor little guy. Oh well, one day he'll be taking baths with his older siblings and having a grand time of it...for now, well, he's just a little guy. BTW: I would have taken lots of photos, but my flash batteries are dead and I have no more...and getting to Costco isn't all that easy these days. I took a couple of photos, so hopefully I'll have one or two to post when I get to it.

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