Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Goodness!!

I've been reading some of my friends blogs lately...namely: (Which belongs to my good friend AmyBeth) and a blog I didn't even know existed until the other day and belongs to a long time online friend (the woman I'd like to be one day! Hahaha :))

Anyway, in comparison (and yes I know, there is no comparing one mommy to another and all that stuff, but in comparison, my blog is sad! I guess there is always something to strive toward and I do thank you ladies for being a constant inspiration, but for heavens sake, you're making me look bad!!!

Anyway, I am who I am and by the Grace of God am (hopefully) improving every day. I'd like to have strong political, nutritional, environmental views that I feel so passionate about that I have to get it out there and share with the world my cause...but I'm not there yet. I do have a passion for many of these things, but I'm still learning to FLY (so to speak). I also wish that I had an organized menu and homeschool plan and all that stuff...and hey, while I'm at it, wish I felt like gushing about my husband and how wonderful he is (which he is, I just don't feel that way all the time!!) and sincerely mean it...perhaps one day I'll get there. For now, I've got my simple stories, ambitions and lackluster passions to share...and with much prayer and of course each new day it'll improve. For those of you who are STILL with me and STILL reading my blog...THANK YOU! It's good to feel loved!!


babean said...

You're talking crazy! Now that I know you are over here, I come over here every couple days to catch up! I wish I had more time to post to you but so many blogs and msn and yahoo groups and homeschool things to do and people to call and shopping lists to make and sooooo very little time! My blog will suffer this year, as school will take the front seat of course! I am going to check that other blog you mentioned now. Thanks alot Janelle, like I had time for that. But I can't myself. tee he he Kiss those cuties for me! I love hearing about family life and what the kiddos are up to! And I can't to hear about YOUR homeschooling journey. There's no right or wrong of it, just different I just love reading about other people's schools. =0)

Fer said...

Awh thank you Janelle! I love reading your blog! My email automatically downloads RSS feeds from blogs when it checks for new email so I get to see your latest entries right when you post them. :)

People usually freak when they see my website for the first time, but I've been slowly building it up for several years. I was overwhelmed in the beginning and still am now! LOL I'm perpetually overwhelmed - hence my quote "If I don't die tired, I didn't try hard enough." at the top of my site. But I love it. :)

I think if people approach it with a fun attitude, it becomes an exciting challenge rather than a nutritional nightmare.