Friday, August 24, 2007

First day of the neighborhood.

Yesterday school started in our area. It's strange to think that Savannah is officially a Kindergartener although we're not going to start until after Labor day. I'm in the process of getting our home organized and streamlined so that when we do start, it's not so overwhelming. To be honest, the thought of homeschooling IS a bit overwhelming anyway, but it's definitely a challenge I'm looking forward to. It's nice to have the neighborhood kids gone during the day again. It brings back a bit of normalcy. This neighborhood is wonderful in many ways, but the lack of privacy/time JUST for family is a bit difficult to swallow at times. We got new neighbors with 2 dogs--the one thing I was praying for was NO dogs! One is a Yorkie-Poo which Savannah adores. She's always wanted a little dog to care for and now she has one she can play with without all of the added responsibility. The dog runs all over, including into our home and then of course the girl next door comes running into our home after him. It's very frustrating because people around here feel like they can just come into your home whenever they want. It's also pretty much impossible to have any family time outside without other children around and that does get a bit old at times. Anyway, enough about that.

Abby has been staying dry like a champ!! She hasn't had an accident in a while and has actually earned new panties for Savannah AND herself. She was pretty excited about that. It's so nice that she's going to the potty on her own, without me having to remind her constantly. I never thought we'd get here!

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