Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Apart from Me, You Can Do Nothing....

...This is Lukies current life verse. He's hit that wonderful stage of separation anxiety, oh what fun! He spends most of the day crawling after me, fussing for me to pick him up. I pick him and he wiggles and wants down, so I put him down and he fusses. This is one of those stages that cannot pass too quickly. On Sunday, I had to spend the entire time at church in the nursery with him because he became hysterical. That's really not normal for Luke. Up until this point, he had NO problem going to anyone else. I know this is a normal stage, and most babies go through it...I'm just hoping it's a quick one. He's been pretty text-book from the get go, so I'm sure it won't last too long. He still has NO teeth. I'm sure getting some teeth in to relieve the pain in his mouth would do a lot to help this stage to pass quickly too. Poor guy. He's going through another stage that also cannot pass quickly enough--gagging himself. I remember one of the girls doing that when they were his age (man, do I wish I had a blog back then...it would be so fun to go back and compare notes). It's such an annoying thing though...It's pretty much exclusively when he's in his high chair. I don't know if he gets bored or what, but he'll stick his finger or his whole hand down his throat and gag...and some times throw up. Fun, Fun, Fun!! :)
It's interesting this time around though with these different stages. It's like every time one comes along, I think, "Oh yeah, I remember this..." and WHAM, it's GONE! The stages seemed to last so much longer with the girls...I guess I wasn't so incredibly busy with them...not that I wasn't busy, but I'm definitely busier this time around. It's a good thing these stages pass quickly...it preserves my sanity a bit more that way. Luke is now an expert and pulling up on just about anything, sitting on his knees, getting back to sitting on his bottom and squatting down from standing to start crawling again. He's such a big boy!!

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