Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why am I online??

I wonder this all too often. It's too late, Jeremy went to bed early tonight because he's not feeling well...I'm not feeling my best either, but someone has to stay up to take Savannah potty around 10:30...so here I am. I just went through the most recent photos I've taken and wanted to post a couple. I realized what a lousy job I'm doing of taking photos and videos lately though. Mental note: take more PICTURES!!!

Luke had his first tummy bug on Friday night. Poor guy, it was rather sad. He threw up many times and all that fun stuff...and he's still not back to normal, although the past 2 days he's been MUCH better. He's getting back to his curious self again. This morning I was doing chores around the house and I put him in the bedroom with Savannah to play. He kept getting into her stereo and pushing buttons while she was listening to Adventures in Odyssey, so she took him and put him in the toy box!!! Hahahaha. Don't get me wrong, there was no ill will there...she just wanted him contained. She made him a little bed and put a toy in there for him and he was happy as can be. I walked in and didn't see him so I said, "Where's Luke" and then I saw him peeking through the slats of the toy box (yes, she had the lid closed! Don't worry, it's a modern toy box, very safe!) I tried to get a picture, but when he saw me, he got fussy. Darn! It was so cute!
Anyway, that's all I've got to say for now...I need a shower and bed!!

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