Tuesday, February 5, 2008

An Update for the Sake of Updating....

Today started beautifully. I was up during the night with Luke, but once he went back to sleep, I slept very well, especially considering it was trash day (the trucks are SO noisy and we've got a big window facing the street in our room and it lets a LOT of the noise in). I was actually the first one up this morning, that's always a good feeling!! When I got up, I heard my phone ringing...thinking it was my dad, but hoping it was my friend, Liza, I listened to the message. It was indeed Liza's husband, Matt, letting me know that Liza is in the hospital, FINALLY getting ready to give birth to her 4th child. You see, she was due on the 28th of January, so it's about time!! Not to mention the fact that she has 3 boys and doesn't know the sex of this one...I'm on pins and needles. I told Savannah that we needed to pray for a good labor and delivery for her...and Savannah says, "Yeah, and that it's a girl!". Oh how I hope, but God knows what their family needs most...so we trust His plan is the best...not to mention that we can't argue with him anyway!!
I'm currently doing a Bible study on the Fruit of the Spirit and the topic I'm on is Love, it just dawned on me (I know, I'm a bit slow) that that's what our theme for school should be!! So today we'll be studying all about Love and what the Bible says about it. How fun!! And of course we'll have to do some Valentines crafts, those are always good.
Last week we were up at my parents house and got to enjoy some BEAUTIFUL snow! We went sledding and the whole bit. It was so fun. I'll post pictures of that soon, I didn't get any and I have to wait for my dad to get back from New Jersey to get a hold of his pictures.
Luke is working on his teeth still. They should be in soon, I hope. It'll be so cute to see his little smile with teeth! He's still so busy pulling himself up on everything. He can now pull to standing on many things, it's so cute because he's so proud of himself, but then he can't figure out how to get back down and he gets so frustrated. He's been a bit fussier lately than usual--of course if I had teeth coming in, I'm sure I'd be pretty fussy too! But he's still a very sweet, happy baby. Just a little joy!
Speaking of which, I need to mention that Abby now knows the books of the New Testament flawlessly as well! Praise God, how cool is that?? I'm going to make a little video clip of each of them and post it online so all of my readers can see it. It's amazing how much children can learn!
So that's it for now. I've got a busy day ahead of me! May the Lord bless you TREMENDOUSLY today!

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