Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Artistic Photos....

Abby perched in the tree

Savannah wanted in on the photo-taking action

My handsome young fella

Daisy kitty--isn't she pretty? Even if she is responsible for that scratch by Luke's eye.

We have 2 digital cameras. One takes FABULOUS pictures (it took these ones), but it's horrible for action's WAY too slow. Our other one takes better action shots, takes great quality video and can zoom way in and has a great image stabilization feature. I need a camera that does ALL of this in one. I need recommendations!


Karen said...

Love these photos! You do a really good job at capturing the moment!

~*~Janelle~*~ said...

Thank you, I really liked the way they came out. I'll have to try to get some more soon to print out. I love close-ups of baby faces.

Kristin Troyer said...

way too cute.