Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We have a tooth!

Yesterday I looked into Lukes mouth and saw that the tooth was RIGHT there, just under the gum...lo and behold, this morning it's popped through!! So finally at 1 year, 1 week and 1 day old, he's got a tooth (on the bottom left)!!

Here are some photos from his birthday party. We had it on Saturday the 29th. We had Lynne, Mandy, Josephine and Felicity over to celebrate with us (those are all neighbors, by the way). Luke got $15 from Lynne, Mandy and Josephine, a play cell phone (which the girls have commandeered), a set of keys that make fun noises (using money from Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma Simpson) and a shovel, bucket and car for the sand (using money from Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma Troyer). So Luke is now set. We had chocolate cake with sprinkles and I don't think he was too terribly fond of it...but he did like the Chicken Parmigiana that I made. He ate lots of that.

I have to make a note here that I've discovered Lukes favorite food: BLUEBERRIES. He eats them hand over fist...he loves, loves, loves them. It's funny because a while back I gave him a strawberry and he really liked it, but last night I gave him strawberries AND blueberries and he threw all of the strawberries on the floor. He also loves mango. The other day I took him to Whole Foods with me and they always have samples of their produce sitting out, cut up and all...he could not get enough of the raspberries, blueberries and mangoes. Yes, actually raspberries may be his absolute favorite, but they were $2 more per pint, so I didn't buy any. Next time I see them at Costco, I'll have to snatch them up.

Today Savannah got a new bike. Abby has gotten too big for her bike and so we gave Savannah's bike to Abby and got Savannah a new one (trying to make the biggest bang for our buck). I told Abby if she wants, we'll get her a new one for her birthday. Now we can get back into taking our walks...we've been having so much fun, but Abby didn't want to ride anymore...I can't blame her, poor thing had to turn her little legs around about 12 times before she went a foot!

Luke just looked up at Jeremy and said, "DADA" super clearly! Awwwhhh! This age is so fun, there's always so much stuff going on. I was just thinking today, "Man, I'm tired all of the time, what's the deal?" And then I realized...I'm the mommy to a little BOY! EEK!! Yes, he's definitely embracing his boy-ness lately. He's into taking things apart, checking out how they work...he loves balls, wheels, cars, tractors...and is very interested in how all of the pieces go together. And he's discovered the stairs, and how fun they are to climb. Every chance he gets these days, he jets for the stairs. Unfortunately he hasn't learned how to come down too well yet, so I'm nervous letting him go up...unless of course I'm right behind him.
So yes, that's why I'm tired all of the time these days. Gone are the days of plopping him in one spot and letting him play happily for hours. Those days were wonderful while they lasted.

So that's what's new for today. I'm off to enjoy this beautiful, slightly overcast but warm afternoon!


Karen said...

Wow! A tooth! It's about time Luke! That cake looks yummy. He looks like Jere in that shot when Jere was one. I must dig out the photo to show you!

~*~Janelle~*~ said...

I'd love to see that...he definitely looks like Jeremy...pretty much all of the time!! :)