Thursday, March 27, 2008

He Speaks!!

Wow, it really seems like all I'm talking about lately is Luke. Don't get me wrong, the girls are not lacking in interesting things, there are just less milestones at their least remarkable ones. They're of course doing awesome thing...and are just all around awesome children. I promise I'll dedicate a post to each of them in the VERY near future. They're at Papa and Grandmas house now it's just been me and Luke and it's been kinda nice...well, kinda.
I took Luke to the doctor today because he has been SO fussy and funky. He's got an ear infection. Today I could tell that he was starting to feel better though...he was doing his signature "spin like a maniac on your tummy" maneuver so I knew he had to be doing better. Yesterday he actually took a nap ON me. I don't think he's ever done that...and if he has, it was when he was TINY. He was so fussy about 45 minutes after he woke up for the day, and I couldn't handle I thought I'd try rocking him. He fell asleep and slept nicely on me. It was pretty sweet...and I figured I'd take advantage of the fact that the girls aren't here and just enjoy his sweet babyness. It was nice. So, on his birthday he said very clearly, "MAMA". He's said it a couple more times...but not super obvious that he's referring to me unless he's really upset, then it's definitely a "MAAAA-MAAAA" cry for me. Did I mention he LOVES his mama?? He's kinda attached to me. It's pretty sweet though, I don't mind having a Mama's boy!! As long as he's plenty manly when he gets older! :)
But the word he is saying clearly and very intentionally is, "HI". It's so cute. The phone rings and he says, "HI"...Jeremy walked into the room yesterday and he said, "HI". Awwwwhhhh...I love baby talk.
Okay, I've got a date with Jeremy to play Wii, I had better go.

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