Sunday, March 2, 2008

Boys vs. Girls

It's so strange the things that are just written into our genetic codes. My girls are definitely girls, emotional, whiny, like to cook and do other domestic things. I have a good friend who has a little girl who got for her first birthday a little baby doll. My friend thought she was WAY too young for such a thing, but that little one took hold of the doll and started carrying it around, giving it hugs and acting like a little mommy. It's amazing! Luke isn't even one yet...and he naturally gravitates towards cars and the like. He loves his cars and is always so curious how things work. He even, at his young age, already makes brrrrm, brrrm noises!! It's SO cute...and SOOOO boy-like. I just love it. God is awesome and the way He designed us to be so different yet so complementary as male and female is astounding.

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