Thursday, September 25, 2008

Luke is 18 Months!!

Today we celebrated Luke's 1/2 birthday. The girls asked if we could have a party, and I figure, why not?!!? So the girls and I baked a cake and we invited some of Luke's favorite friends, (actually Savannah and Abby's friends, but Luke loves them) Josephine, Felicity and Tayler. We sang to Luke and had cake and "margaritas" (lime, lemon and tangerine juice--freshly squeezed, blended with agave nectar and ice). It was a nice little celebration. A big 1 and a half year! At this age he's clearly saying, "Mama", "banana", "Hi", "More", "AH-Ya" (water), and I think that's it. But he's signing "please", "thank you", "more", "milk", "cereal" and "all done". He's so curious and so into how things work. The other day I was mowing the grass (he follows me around with his lawn mower and "helps") and I ran out of gas. I got the gas can and he ran over and showed me exactly where to put it. Now he's learned how to "prime" the mower for me. He's so helpful. He's also very frustrating. He's climbing on everything, getting into everything, and walking EVERYWHERE! He's borderline driving me crazy, but he's also very receptive to discipline. The thing is that I'm not consistent ENOUGH, although in the things I've made an issue (staying out of the road), he's totally responded to discipline. He really is a wonderful boy...but such a boy! We took him out for Thai food last night while the girls were at AWANA and he LOVED it! He ate so much rice and mango, I'm surprised he didn't get sick...he even enjoyed the green papaya salad!

I cut the girls hair. They both have rather short hair now. I was a bit scared of cutting it because I'm NO hair cutter...but it actually came out rather cute! It's so much easier to take care of now and Savannah loves that fact "Mommy doesn't have to put our hair up anymore". It's cute, but with her missing tooth, Savannah is looking WAY too old now!!

On a side note, we had a bit of a rough day today...Abby had trouble keeping her hands to herself and had to be disciplined for a good portion of the day...and Savannah cried over every little thing...tonight when they went to bed, for the first time in their lives I think, I didn't read them a story. I asked them to choose their clothes for tomorrow and they didn't, even after I asked them 3 times. So Abby laughed at me when I told her I discipline her because I love her with all of my heart and Savannah said, "Abby...Mommy disciplines us because she doesn't want us to go to HELL!". Wow...true, but WOW! That's a bit much for before bed "chat". Leave it to Savannah!

Here are some random photos...Luke has discovered his tongue, Savannah loves her hair and Abby is so squirrley that it's very hard to get a "normal" photo of her...but I guess for Abby, this IS normal! My sweet, silly girl!!

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