Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!!

7 years ago we took the plunge and got married. I was excited, I know Jeremy was probably scared to death, but hey, it's been a good, wonderful even 7 years. We've been so incredibly blessed with health, happiness, beautiful, wonderful children, a nice home and best of all, we're STILL close to our family (distance wise as well as relationship wise!).
Yesterday we were at church and the pastor's sermon was about how God is our EVER present help in trouble. He was naming off difficulties that most people are facing in our economic situation our country is in...and Jeremy and I looked at eachother and realized how truly blessed we are. Really, none of the economic stuff is affecting us too badly. Yes, of course I'd like to pay less for gas, but it doesn't affect Jeremy's commute (Praise God!). God has been so good to us these past 7 years, even if we haven't been completely obedient to Him. I praise Him for his Grace and Mercy to us. And of course, I look forward to what blessings He has in store for us as we continue our lives as man and wife.

We are so excited too because we've gotten a FABULOUS deal on the condo we spent our honeymoon in and are going away to Tahoe for 3 days, 2 nights next weekend!!! We haven't been gone together since our honeymoon...I'm SO looking forward to it. I remember being kinda bored on our fact, we even went to Apple Hill and visited my grandparents because we didn't know what else to do. I don't think we'll be bored this time...back then I didn't know how valuable time is...this time I will RELISH each moment...and each soak in the HUGE jacuzzi tub!! AHHHHHH....I can't wait!

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