Saturday, October 25, 2008

Abby's Birthday.

We had Abby's birthday party last night (on Jeremy's actual birthday). We had a TON of people here. We gave invitations to all of the kids our children play with regularly...add in all of the parents and WOW! We had probably 50 people here! I bought hot dogs at Costco and we barely had enough (actually Jeremy and I didn't get to eat!). We did a pinata and yummy chocolate cake. It got dark way too early though and we ended up opening presents and eating cake in the dark, but I think everyone had fun anyway. Abby loved her gifts too.

On her actual birthday I took them for a "surprise". Next time I'll know not to do any "surprises" because it gets their imaginations going a bit too much, so when Savannah was expecting a trip to Discovery Kingdom, they were greatly disappointed when we got to the cupcake shop. I tell ya, they were totally unenthusiastic. Granted they hadn't been feeling their best, and the trip is about a half hour...but we got cupcakes, got a few cute photos and went on to the toy store where we really had fun. I bought two gifts, one for her birthday, one for Christmas. After they had been wrapped (without her knowing), I let her pick which one she wanted. She ended up choosing the Play Mobil farm and ever since that thing was opened and assembled, they haven't stopped playing with it. Play Mobil is quite pricey and I wasn't too sure about paying that much money for a gift, but now that I see how much they love it, I'm definitely getting more for Christmas!!

The night of her birthday she had AWANA and got to be the special helper who picked the ticket for the prize. She picked Savannah! :)
So all in all she had a great birthday...and she's thrilled to be 5!


4 Puccis said...

I wish we could have been there. Isn't that cupcake shop darling? Once you find it of course. I'm glad she had such a nice day. Kaeden just got his first Sparks patch today! So exciting!

~*~Janelle~*~ said...

The shop is cute...I wish the girls would have been more into it though.
Yay for Kaeden!! That's awesome!! :)