Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Luke went poop on the potty!

What a big boy!! This evening he and the girls were playing "tag" after bath time and Luke hadn't gotten dressed he accidentally went piddle on the floor. He looked at it and pointed and said, "UH OH". Then while I was putting his diaper on he was passing gas, so I thought, let's try it. I put him on the toilet and in a matter of seconds he did a nice, big poop!! HORRAY FOR LUKIE!! He's getting so big! I let him flush the toilet (we've got an industrial type toilet that you can flush with your foot, so it's a big deal to flush it) and the girls and I cheered for him and told him how big he was. It may not happen again for a very long time, but here's to a step in the right direction! YAY!!!

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