Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We have new teefers--FINALLY!!!

I checked in Luke's mouth this morning and I felt a new tooth! YAY! It's about time. He's had only 6 for quite some time now so I've been waiting and waiting. He has his right top molar that just popped through and all of the other molars are on their way in--I can feel them just under the gum. It also looks like his top canines are coming soon as well. How exciting! He could really use some more bottom teeth though, the 2 he has don't seem quite sufficient! :) I always look forward to getting all of the teeth in because that means no excuse (other than illness) for crankiness anymore!! It always seemed to be a big up-swing when my babies got their 2nd year molars and were done with teething. Savannah recently got her new molars in and didn't even know they were there! It's interesting how difficult it is for babies and how older kids don't notice.

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