Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Please", finally!

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but we're teaching Luke some basic sign language...not much, but that's mostly because we don't know any. It's kinda handy though because one of my neighbors is fluent in it considered fluent?!?! I'm not sure. And one of the girls good friends brothers is deaf, so we learn a bit of it from them as well. Anyway, Luke knows "MORE" (VERY well), milk and FINALLY he signed "Please" today. We've been trying and trying to get him to sign "Please" because just saying "MORE" seems a bit rude. And this evening he wanted water (Which he calls by name...very LOUDLY...WAAAAA WAAAAAA) and I thought I heard him say "Please" and I said, "Did you say please?" and he looked at me and signed it to me. How great!! Good job, Luke!!

Today right before church he scraped his face up really nicely. The entire right side of his face (mostly near his eye) is covered with a nice abrasion. It didn't really bleed, it just looks nice and pink. I'm sure he'll be fine...but poor baby, it looks like someone backhanded him!

Tonight Abby had something stuck in her teeth--it was late and way past time for bed. I had no dental floss upstairs, so I used my old tried and true trick (yes, it's gross, but it works) a hair. Savannah said, "You used a hair as dental floss??? How clever!" I love that girl...she is so clever!

Yes, I will post a video clip of the kids "show" very soon...but Jeremy is leaving for Virginia tomorrow, so I wouldn't bet on it being up before next week...sorry, but I don't know what he used to make the files smaller.

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