Monday, August 18, 2008

Luke isn't feeling well.

Poor baby. A week ago he got his shots and he's also working on getting some molars. He was just NOT happy today. Thankfully he's taking a VERY long nap. Jeremy just called from St. Louis, MO where he's laid over for 3 hours! EEK!! He had told me that he'd be home at 3 or so, when in reality he won't be home until 8 or 9. I look forward to him being home again...I could use a little retail therapy!! Hahaha.

Tomorrow I'm taking the girls to the Farmer's Market where they are going to spend their allowance on a pony ride!!! They've wanted to do the pony ride for so long, but it's $5 a child and I didn't want to fork over the money...the Farmer's Market is expensive enough...but they earned $2.50 each having a lemonade stand the other day and they're going to use that to supplement their allowance. How fun! I'll take pictures and post them here soon.

When we were at my parents house my dad took them to Leoni Meadows a couple of times. One of the times they came home and said, "We went on 2 horse-drawn carriage rides AND got to swim in the pool!" They are so blessed to have that place to go to. There are so many neat things for them to do and they always spend HOURS there every time they go. They play with the llamas, ducks, rabbits, snakes, etc. They swim, get to ride the train (it's about 5 miles long and an hour train ride), and apparently they also get to go on carriage rides!

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