Friday, August 8, 2008

Absolutely Too Much Cuteness!

Luke never ceases to amaze me with his adorable ways. He completely embodies CUTENESS! Yesterday he was over at a neighbors house, sniffing her flowers. He puts his face right up to the flowers and sniffs in and out really hard. You can hear him "smelling" the flowers from a few yards away! Speaking of flowers and all, he LOVES drinking from the hose. He'll find any leak in the hose and suck away. He's a big fan of water anyway, but drinking it that way just makes it so much fun! Yesterday he was outside and shivering because it was a bit chilly. I went inside to get his sweater and when I came back out, I couldn't find him. I suspected he was playing on another neighbors little play structure and sure enough, there he was--in their play house, protected from the elements--the SPRINKLER! He went out of the house and over to their slide and slid down time and again while the sprinkler SOAKED him from head to toe. He didn't care, he wasn't cold...he was soaked and he was having fun and he was happy!! :) Like I said, he LOVES water. He'll even stick his face in the bath water and blow bubbles. The girls would never have done that...and I'm not even sure they'd do it now.

Speaking of leaning over, this is Luke's preferred method of picking up his paci: Get on tummy, scoot up to paci, stick mouth OVER paci and pick up with lips. It'd be so easy for him just to pick it up with his hands and put it in his mouth, but apparently that wouldn't be as fun!

Today he was standing outside, waving to all of the cars that passed by. He lifted his hand in the air at each passing car until they waved back. It was SO ridiculously cute!

The girls have been having a dance party with their VBS music in the garage. They've got a bunch of the kids hanging out, blasting music and dancing like maniacs. It's great exercise and a fabulous ministry--non-believing kids are hanging out and singing..."Jesus paid the price, so we can have eternal life...get up, get up, get up and tell the world". Not too bad! Tomorrow they're having their actual "show", so I'll try to get some video clips and post them.

One last thing: Yesterday Abby told me that when she was at Papa's house, they let them swim "butt-naked". She said, "It feels so nice" and I said, "Yeah, it feels like being in your mommy's tummy, eh?" and she said, "NO, it's not COLD in your mommy's tummy!". Of course it's not.

I really need to start a drop shots account or something of the sort for photo sharing...but for now, here's a couple of photos:

The renegade markers were at it again!

Daddy's going "bike-packing". And no, those are NOT Savannah's real teeth.


Karen said...

I need an alarm on my puter to let me know when there's a new post on your blog to look at!!! Actually I check pretty often,lol.These are the cutest stories and they put a huge smile on my face....TFS, Love Mom

Jeremy said...

I'm so glad you enjoy it so much...I always love getting your comments too. We really need to spread the word about how EASY it is to get an account so other people can comment!! That'd be a lot of fun!

I got some great video clips today, they had their official "show" today, I'll have Jeremy show me how to edit them and post 'em soon! :)

~*~Janelle~*~ said...

Oops...that comment was mine.