Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Sweet Innocence of Boyhood

Yesterday Luke walked in the house after tromping around outside for a while and announced, "Mommy, I found TWO caterpillars". "Two caterpillars, huh?" I said, "Let me see!". He ran outside and came back in with something in his hand. I had been reading to the girls and they jumped up to examine his find. When they saw his treasure, they both screamed and laughed, "THOSE AREN'T CATERPILLARS!!" turns out he had in his sweet, chubby hands two millipedes! EEeeww!! But the way he stood there, so proud, so sweet...melted my heart. All he knew was that they were interesting and he wanted to share them with us. I put them in a container so he could carry them around without having to actually handle them and he named them "Sweetie" and "Pie". What a precious little boy.

Today it is snowing again and Luke is driving me crazy with his boyish energy. If he can't do SOMETHING, he causes trouble...and when he and Abby get together, it makes me insane sometimes. So I put up the bounce house and gave him a beach ball and he's having a blast. Boys...they're enough to drive you absolutely mad, but my goodness, God has certainly made a special place in my heart for my sweet son.

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