Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here's lookin' at you!

Aaron will not eat much in the way of food. Most things I put into his mouth he grimaces at, spits out and even SHIVERS at the taste of. He's finally starting to eat SOME stuff, but considering that he's almost 8 months old, he still hasn't really caught on to the whole eating thing.

HOWEVER, he will eat any and I mean ANYTHING he finds on the floor! In the past couple of days I've dug so much stuff out of his silly little cheeks and off of the roof of his mouth. Of course, he'll cough, gag, even throw up and yet if I put my finger in his mouth to help him out, he clamps those little gums down and screams with displeasure. Yeah, sure...I'm the bad guy, right?

So yesterday Savannah noticed that a cute picture she had made for me was missing it's "googly eyes". Oh dear...I WONDER where they could have gone?!?!? No way, there is NO way that Aaron ate googly eyes. Or did he? He wasn't choking, he wasn't gagging...but he was really fussy. I thought he was hungry. I tried to give him a bottle. It was a no-go. I tried feeding him breakfast, he fussed and fussed. What in the world is his problem?? I decided, since he has a nasty cold, to put him on his back and give him a good roto-rootin' of the nose, which of course he just LOVES! Ha ha ha. As he screamed and I lifted him up, I looked into his mouth and it was looking back at me! Oh my goodness, there was the googly eye, stuck, and I mean STUCK to the roof of his mouth. I had to PEEL it off of the roof of his mouth, it did have glue on it. It was an amazing transformation, he was all of a sudden happy. I tell ya, if this baby survives till his first birthday it will be a miracle!

I took him to the doctor yesterday because of this cold, he's got an ear infection in one ear and wheezing in his poor guy is on antibiotics and albuterol. Hopefully he'll be all better soon...if only there was a medication I could give him to cure him of his desire to eat JUNK!

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