Monday, April 9, 2012

Little Sweetie isn't feeling so well. :(

We had a very busy weekend. Lilah was wonderful. She slept great and tolerated all of the travel and company very well...but the little pumpkin is getting her first teeth and today it all caught up to her. First, she slept in until almost 8am. She was SO ready for a nap at 9:30am. I had to wake her at a quarter till noon. By 2pm she fell asleep in Jeremy's arms. On the drive home she slept almost the entire time. When we got home, she fell asleep in MY arms. I'm praying that she sleeps well tonight and that she's feeling better tomorrow. It'd be fun if she had a tooth to show for all of this hard work too!

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Anonymous said...

adorable photo. No fun to be sick though.