Monday, April 16, 2012

My How the Time Flies!!

Lilah is now 10 months old and Aaron is 22 months old...they are getting SO big! I cannot believe that in a very short while they'll be 1 and 2 years old. It's really not right how fast it all happens. They are learning so many new and wonderful things. Aaron is an AMAZING talker. He speaks so well and so clearly. One of my favorite things he says these days is, "You see that???" He says it when he sees or does something extraordinarily awesome. The other day the big ones were gone and he said, "Pray", so he folded his hands and prayed...he said, "Abby, Li-Li, Abby, Amen", which means, "Dear Lord, please watch over Savannah and Lukie and Abby, Amen". It was SO sweet. He says, "Ha-New" when he wants to be held. We figure it means, "I want you". I know if the big kids were awake they could help me think of other darling things he says, I may have to ask them to contribute to my list tomorrow. He is still a handful. He's just one of those children who aren't overtly happy. Don't get me wrong, he's plenty joyful...and full of life and vigor...but he's very strong-willed and easily frustrated. He still cries a lot over little things, especially when he doesn't get his own way. I've been working on this as he's getting to the age where he should be expected to exercise a small amount of self control, and it's my job to help instill that into him. Being that there are many people in this family and everyone has their own desires, he doesn't always get his own way, which makes for some very fussy times. He's also been fighting something for the past week. He had a fever, he's been sleeping poorly at night, but napping a LOT during the day, to the point where he just falls asleep where he's sitting and hasn't been eating much. It so sad when our little ones aren't feeling their best. I can tell he's getting better, but he's definitely not back to 100% yet. Lilah also had a bit of a fever and was sleeping a LOT, but she's been back to her jolly self for a while now--she's also sleeping well at night, and I'm SURE that's got a lot to do with why she's feeling better.

So Lilah is getting very big also. There are no new really big developmental things going on at the very moment. Not physically at least. She's still pulling herself up and crawling everywhere. She is still working on those two bottom teeth. You can see them very clearly now, but they have not popped through just yet. She waves "hi" and "bye-bye" and "Night-night" now. She even says, "Ni-Ni" while she waves...then she throws her head back and giggles and makes her sweet little lambie noise. I have got to get her noise on video, it is the sweetest sound in the world! She also makes kissy noises. If you make a kiss noise at her, she'll smack her lips in response, it is absolutely darling. Her personality is the antithesis of Aarons. She is SO incredibly joyful. She wakes up smiling and giggling, she doesn't cry much, although she is very much a princess and does not take kindly to any kind of unkind she can be a bit of a fusser when it comes to things not going her way. She has also started throwing little temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way or when someone "wrongs" her. It's pretty silly. She is an absolute snuggler, but she is also quite independent. Today, while I was cleaning up the yard and getting the garbage out, she must have sat in pretty much the same spot for nearly 2 hours, playing with a box of crackers. She could have crawled wherever she wanted, but she was perfectly content just sitting in the same area (she moved within about a 5' radius), playing and watching Daddy pressure wash the cars. She didn't fuss once. I just love how God does that--He's given us a child who is more of a challenge, and then He's blessed us with one who is incredibly easy. I pray that He will see fit to give us another relatively easy one next since Aaron is still quite high maintenance, but I know whoever this little blessing is is the perfect fit for our family.

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Karen said...

I love your blog! Love hearing about the little ones. So fun!